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Zombies Expectations from Season Two of Call of Duty Black Ops

Zombies Expectations from Season Two of Call of Duty Black Ops 4

After seemingly giving the shaft to Zombies mode at the start of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s (BOCW) life cycle, it appears that Treyarch is rectifying with the release of Season Two. 

On Feb. 18, the Call of Duty YouTube channel released a trailer for what to expect in Season Two of BOCW. Though the trailer starts out with the introduction of new characters, new weapons and scorestreaks, the almost two-and-a-half minute long video also introduces a new Zombies mode: Outbreak. 

Outbreak appears to be an open-world Zombies mode, as players are seen riding in trucks and on snowmobiles. Set in the Ural Mountains, it is safe to assume the maps themselves are zombie-fied versions of bits and pieces of Fireteam Dirty Bomb maps: Alpine and Ruka. 

Not only will players have to fight and survive, there will also be other elements included such as finding loot boxes around the map with goodies, a game mechanic taken from the aforementioned Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode. 

Battle Pass 2 1 1
Courtesy of Activision

Grigori Weaver, the player’s Zombies commanding officer, even mentions that players have to get a “rover to the breach point,” with said rover carrying a monkey which detects dimensional portals. There will also be new enemies, rewards and intel to discover as well as a new region only accessible through a Dark Aether portal with even more rewards, according to a Call of Duty Blog post

Players are able to go from the Alpine and Ruka sections of the maps by way of the portals in order to “assist with more objectives.” These objectives range from defending a site, escorting said rover, retrieving raw Aetherium and using a rocket to blast them off from harm, eliminating a high-priority target, or holding out in a specific area until the timer runs out. There will be more objectives as Outbreak continues to grow, according to another blog post.  

Not only that, there will also be a new Field Upgrade: the Frenzied Guard. In essence, this Field Upgrade allows a player to become a living Monkey Bomb, attracting all Zombies to themselves and only damaging the players’ armor. 

Upgrading it will allow players to have a longer duration as the Frenzied Guard and even slowing down enemies. Also available will be a new ammo mod, Shatter Blast. Meant to help eliminate armored Zombies quicker, the mod makes all bullets have explosive damage.

There will also be two new skill tiers introduced: Tier IV and V. Currently, players can use Aetherium Crystals gained to upgrade perks, field upgrades and such to a maximum level of Tier III. In order to reach Tier IV and V however, players must now get two new types of crystals – Refined and Flawless – which can only be found when reaching high rounds or completing multiple Outbreak investigations. 

Battle Pass 2 2 1
Courtesy of Treyarch

Players can also play as Samantha Maxis in Season Two. Maxis is one of the main characters in Zombies mode and was rescued at the conclusion of the Firebase Z Easter Egg – spoiler alert for all the players that have yet to finish said Easter Egg. 

Lastly, there will also be a challenge event for both BOCW and Warzone aptly named “Zombies Outbreak.” This event will run from Feb. 25 to Mar. 11 and could explain why the Trials Machine from BOCW Zombies is in Warzone. 

Now, with all that being said, Season Two of BOCW Zombies is looking to be a thrilling experience. After being disappointed with the Zombies-offering BOCW had to offer in preseason and Season One, it is refreshing to see so much more content focused solely on Zombies. 

Considering how aggravating and irritating the regular multiplayer experience is, this is a welcome change, especially from a series that makes multiplayer arguably the main attraction. With all the content coming out in the next few days, Season Two’s offerings can almost make up for the fact that there was so little Zombies content in the beginning. Almost. 

Nevertheless, Season Two of BOCW is set to release on Feb. 25 for free and players will have free access to multiplayer and Outbreak from Feb. 25 to Mar. 4. 

You can watch the Outbreak trailer above. 

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