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YouTube Sensation Absorber is now signed with G FUEL

There’s no trolling with this one.

On May 18, YouTube star Absorber announced that he is now partnered with the official energy drink of esports, G FUEL.

Absorber joins a star-studded roster of gamers and personalities also powered by G FUEL, including xQc, retired rap superstar Logic, Pewdiepie, the world’s oldest Fortnite pro actingliketommy, and many more.

18-year-old YouTube sensation Absorber has accumulated a massive following of over two million subscribers with his ability to entertain. With Fortnite as his game of choice, Absorber showcases a variety of talents that have led to him becoming one of YouTube’s brightest stars, including his sus voice trolling, piano-playing skills, and scintillating magic tricks.

Courtesy of Absorber

The New-Jersey-born entertainer has established himself as an overall showman with his charisma and compelling content. With a fanbase of well over 300k on Instagram and almost five million on TikTok on top of his sizable YouTube following, Absorber has firmly established himself as a lasting force in the gaming/entertainment community.

FaZe Clan even took notice of Absorber’s appeal during his spectacular run into last year’s FaZe 5 top 20 in a competition with over 200,000 participants. As he continues to reach new heights, he also strives to inspire and motivate younger kids to follow their dreams, no matter what they may be.

Congratulations to Absorber for his sponsorship with G FUEL! One might even say that it was his destiny. 😉

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