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YouTube Basketball March Madness!

March Madness is here!! As I’ve grown older, mid-March has grown to become my favorite time of the year solely because of the madness that is the NCAA tournament (a madness which was crushed last year due to that b**** COVID-19). To commemorate the tournament, which has now reached the Sweet Sixteen as of March 27, I’ve gathered a list of 16 of the finest NBA 2K and YouTube basketball content creators for a fantasy-style 1v1 tournament.

The esteemed selection committee (me, myself, and I) have reviewed game film (I’m a fan of them all) and have seeded/ranked them according to their skills as well as the quality of 1v1 wins and losses on their channels. The committee has also comprised brief scouting reports of each player based on the same aspects.

Let’s get it!

YouTube Basketball March Madness!
YouTube Basketball March Madness! 20

Note: These 16 were specifically chosen because they either 1. Make NBA 2K content, 2. Make/have made IRL basketball content (with emphasis on 1v1’s), and 3. have interacted with/been in videos with at least a few of the other guys in the field. For those reasons, notable b-ball creators such as Famous Los, Maxisnice, Dev in the Lab, Filayyyy, White Iverson, and others were not included in this list. AJ Lapray is the only exception. Also, all badges in the scouting reports below are based on the badge system in NBA 2K20.

Here’s the full bracket. Full scouting reports of each player in order of their seedings is down below.

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of

#1 seed – AJ Lapray

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of AJ Lapray/Instagram

Strengths: high basketball IQ, innate offensive awareness, elite long-range shooting, experience
Weaknesses: none that stand out; not much of a low post-game despite the size (being picky)
Badges: Consistent Finisher, Contact Finisher, Catch & Shoot, Deadeye, Difficult Shots, Quick, Hot Start

Scouting report: As a former D1 player at Pepperdine University and Rice University (and a brief stint with the Oregon Ducks, who’ve made this year’s Sweet Sixteen), AJ Lapray claims the no.1 overall seed. His overall skill and experience make him among the best YouTube hoopers around. He’s not necessarily a shot creator, but his size, deadeye shooting, and feel for the game allow him to put the ball in the bucket on par with the best of them. Hailing from the Beaver State of Oregon, Lapray showcases a polished offensive skill set you’d expect from a former division 1 collegiate athlete.  

Note: The order of the top 3 seeds were heavily “discussed,” but Lapray’s first W in a 1-1 split over the #3 seed convinced the committee to seed him no. 1 overall.

Watch: 1v1 vs D’Vontay Friga!, Lapray breakdown (by D’Vontay Friga)

#2 seed – Tristan Jass

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Tristan Jass/Instagram

Strengths: elite ball-handling and shooting, finishing around the rim, court vision
Weaknesses: defense/size (just to be picky)
Badges: Hall of Fame Acrobat, Hall of Fame Limitless Range, Consistent Finisher, Contact Finisher, Fancy Footwork, Floor General, Showtime, Catch & Shoot, Deadeye, Difficult Shots, Hot Start, Quick Draw, Ankle Breaker, Handles for Days, Quick First Step, Space Creator, Stop & Go, Tight Handles, Unpluckable

Scouting report: Simply put… T Jass is a walking bucket. Straight outta Kenosha, Wisconsin, T Jass first made a name for himself by snatching his teacher’s ankles as well as crafting an absurd layup package, but the man has an elite skill set that translates to the hardwood as well. Jass is an incredibly shifty player with superb ball control and ball handling which allow him to create his own shot at will. This is especially useful for him because he is also an elite shooter from 3 and mid-range, AND he’s a good finisher around the rim who isn’t afraid of contact—the total offensive package.

Watch: INTENSE 1v1 Against 6’10 Pro Basketball Player!, T Jass breakdown (by D’Vontay Friga)

#3 seed – D’Vontay Friga

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of D’Vontay Friga/Instagram

Strengths: athleticism, 3-point shooting, steady tempo (calculated decision-maker), seasoned vet
Weaknesses: none that stand out, average quickness compared to some hoopers on his level
Badges: Catch & Shoot, Deadeye, Difficult Shots, Hot Start, Quick Draw, Quick First Step, Space Creator

Scouting report: As a former D3 athlete from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, D’Vontay Friga is another YouTuber with a knack for putting the ball in the bucket with the best of ‘em. As a true sharpshooter, Friga is one hooper you simply can’t leave open, as he’s liable to knock off anyone in a 1v1, especially if he gets hot from distance. Friga is a seasoned ball player who plays top flight competition in just about all of his 1v1’s and other basketball content, unlike most in this particular field.  

Note: His original seed was #1, but he fell to #3 after review of the anticipated AJ Lapray matchup. Of the 16 in the field though, he has the most quality wins and the toughest resume of competition.

Watch: 1v1 Against D1 Hooper!

#4 seed – Marcelas Howard

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Marcelas Howard/Instagram

Strengths: crafty ball-handler and playmaker, gifted scorer, shooting, mental warfare
Weaknesses: toxicity (but this is also a strength because it makes for good content in this case lol)
Badges: Hall of Fame Trash Talker, Contact Finisher, Quick Draw, Deadeye, Fancy Footwork, Floor General, Handles for Days, Quick First Step, Space Creator, Stop & Go, Tight Handles, Unpluckable

Scouting report: Marcelas Howard from “Sactown” CA talks a big game but also backs it up on the court. Howard is equipped with skills which place him on par with virtually anyone in the YouTube basketball community. As a former D2 athlete and point guard on the collegiate level, he possesses the elusiveness and crafty ball handling of a dynamic playmaker who can create his own shot. He’ll also lower the opposition’s overall rating with his trash talk if you let him get to you.

Watch: Heated 1v1 Vs MarcelasHoward For $1000 🤬 *GONE WRONG*

#5 seed – Duke Dennis

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Duke Dennis/Instagram

Strengths: athleticism, strength, shooting, “jack of all trades” (master of none)
Weaknesses: settles for 3 at times, but hits with consistency
Badges: Hall of Fame Intimidator, Volume Shooter, Heat Crusher, Difficult Shots, Brick Wall, Bruiser

Scouting report: AMP’s bruiser, Durag Duke Dennis himself has stated that he doesn’t really “play basketball,” but nonetheless his athleticism, overall feel for the game, and skill are at minimum on par with the rest of the field outside of the top 4. He doesn’t necessarily have any great specialty besides shooting, but is good at just about every aspect on the court.


#6 seed – CashNasty

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of CashNasty/Instagram

Strengths: defense, body strength, top of the key 3 (wet like water!), attacking the rim with purpose, post control on offense and defense, IQ
Weaknesses: average shot creator
Badges: Hall of Fame Top of the Key Specialist, Gold Intimidator, Backdown Punisher, Brick Wall, Post Spin Technician, Clamps, Tireless Defender, Bruiser

Scouting report: CashNasty is another one who isn’t especially skilled in any one area (because he’s a “hooper,” not a “hooper hooper,”) but he does multiple things well. Cash has a clear strength advantage over most of his opponents, which allows him to get buckets down low should he choose to score in that way. In an effort to not rely on this too much, however, he’s developed a jump shot.

Though it can be inconsistent at times, it’s not advisable to leave him open from 3: he can be a streaky shooter, except for when it comes to the top of the key, which is usually wet like water. He is also very aware of his own abilities, thus playing to his limits, making him a more effective player. He’s a physical defender, and perhaps his biggest strength is his defense: he will wear you down if you can’t shake him.

Note: Basketball references/terms used to describe the skill level of a ball player, popularized by CashNasty:

“Hoop:” Basically, a trash player—most commonly, someone who doesn’t usually play basketball, but also used to describe someone who just sucks.

“Hooper:” A decent/respectable ball player—not necessarily exceptionally good, but someone who has a decent-to-good feel for the game. Most of the players in this field fall in this category.

“Hooper Hooper:” A really good ball player. Hooper Hoopers are clearly better than the average player and possess skills that reflect as much.

“Hoopist:” An elite ball player. These players are at or near the top of the basketball food chain (excluding NBA players)—some have some sort of collegiate or even professional experience. For reference, the top 4 seeds in this tournament are hoopists.

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of CashNasty/Instagram


#7 seed – Kenny Chao

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Kenny Chao/Instagram

Strengths: ball handling, tough shot maker, good midrange game, good 3-point shooter, can create his own shot, solid strength for a guard
Weaknesses: scoring inconsistency at times, performance drops vs aggressive trash talkers
Badges: Tight Handles, Difficult Shots

Scouting report: Kenny Chao is a tough shot maker capable of consistently creating his own shot. His ball handling is a major strength, and he’s one of the few in this field with a dedicated midrange game in his bag, which includes a nice post fadeaway. His solid upper body strength allows him to work comfortably down low despite being a guard’s size.

Note: Chao is a dangerous 7 seed who has a documented history of playing well against tough competition, including basketball star Julian Newman and #4 seed Marcelas Howard. He was originally ranked 5, but dropped due to recent performances against Jesser of 2Hype and a goose egg 2v2 outing.


#8 seed – SoLLUMINATI

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of SoLLUMINATI/Instagram

Strengths: athleticism, solid ball-handling, attacking the rim with conviction and finishing around the rim, supreme confidence
Weaknesses: N/A
Badges: Gold Intimidator, Tight Handles, Deadeye, Consistent Finisher, Contact Finisher

Scouting Report: SoLLUMINATI can clearly hoop, but there’s not quite as much recent footage of him around as most everyone else in this field. If there was, he could easily be a 5 seed, so it can be said that he is perhaps under-seeded. He’s a well-rounded, athletic hooper who does everything well: he’s above-average in almost every major category; a great shooter off the dribble; a spot-up, incredible ball handler; and he can create his own shot while finishing around the rim with consistency.

He did call himself the best {IRL} basketball YouTuber back in 2017—now we’re just waiting for him to prove it. I don’t know if he still shares those sentiments, but there have been some pretty good YouTube hoopers to come along since then.

Watch: SoLLUMINATI vs 6’5 College Athlete IRL 1v1 🏀

#9 seed – RiceGum

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of RiceGum/Instagram

Strengths: shooting, “High IQ”
Weaknesses: conditioning, tendency to call soft foul
Badges: Silver Trash Talker, Catch & Shoot, Deadeye, Difficult Shots, Quick Draw, Range Extender

Scouting Report: The scouting report on RiceGum is to first and foremost recognize that the man is actually a solid hooper. He’s the most deceptively good player on YouTube, with a great W-L record to prove it. RG’s biggest strength is his shooting ability. You cannot leave him open under any circumstances, and you can also expect him to pull the trigger at otherwise awkward or unexpected times, which don’t affect his shooting accuracy that much; regularly, he hits fadeaway/turnaround and contested threes. He’s also a decent ball handler and finisher in the paint, despite having an average-to-below-average frame.

He’s also bold and unpredictable, and will take and call a charge in a 1v1 if it means securing a W. 🤣 🤣


#10 seed – Brawadis

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Brawadis/Instagram

Strengths: shooting
Weaknesses: tends to struggle to shake physical defenders
Badges: Catch & Shoot, Deadeye, Difficult Shots

Scouting report: Brawadis is another knock-down shooter whom you cannot afford to give space to. Additionally, he has a routine tendency to knock down difficult jump shots and is a crafty finisher around the rim. He’s not afraid to call his own fouls, but is a tenacious defender and competitor.

Watch: RICEGUM vs BRAWADIS BASKETBALL 1v1! Ex-Girlfriend Bet!

#11 seed – ImDavisss

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of ImDavisss/Instagram

Strengths: ball handling, solid layup package
Weaknesses: inconsistent jumper
Badges: Tight Handles, Unpluckable

Scouting report: Davisss is a capable shooter, but he’s not consistent from deep, otherwise he would be a seed or two higher. He will knock down open shots though. Davisss is a great ball handler, so he can create his own shot and is a good and crafty finisher around the rim.


#12 seed – Agent 00

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Agent 00/Instagram

Strengths: post-game, fundamentally sound
Weaknesses: tends to go on extreme cold streaks when in a slump
Badges: Hall of Fame Theatrics, Backdown Punisher

Scouting report: While not one of the more skilled in the field, Agent is still a fundamentally sound player nonetheless. He’s not a fantastic shooter from long range, but will hit the shot with consistency if given the opportunity, so you can’t give him too many open looks. He also has a solid post hook in his bag.

Watch: 1V1 Against Agent 00!

#13 seed – FaZe Rug

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of FaZe Rug/Instagram

Strengths: shooting, quickness
Weaknesses: size, struggles to create his own shot at times
Badges: Catch & Shoot, Difficult Shots, Deadeye

Scouting Report: FaZe Rug– one of the most prominent figures in world renowned esports and lifestyle organization FaZe Clan– is a hooper. While small in stature, he has proven to be a respectable hooper and can compete with most largely due to his marksmanship from long distance. Bottom line—much like his brother Brawadis—you cannot leave him space to shoot. He’s also quick enough to take an equally- or less-disciplined/skilled defender to the rim and he can finish with his left hand.

Watch: FaZe Rug 1v1 For His Custom LAMBORGHINI !!

#14 seed – McQueen

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of McQueen/Instagram

Strengths: N/A
Weaknesses: his stamina and conditioning are down terrible
Badges: 🤣

Scouting Report: The knock on McQueen is that his only notable 1v1 win comes against FlightReacts. In fairness, his most recent 1v1s of late have all been against top notch competition, but the eye test and his resume tells you that the leader of the ‘Aqua Force’ cannot be any higher than a bottom tier seed. His supreme confidence and self-awareness, however, gives him one of the higher upsides of the field.

To McQueen: You’ve got a whole legion of supporters, including myself, eagerly waiting on your return whenever you’re ready! Self-care comes first though, but the support will never waver. 💯

Watch: 1V1 AGAINST McQueen But He Only Has 3 Dribbles!

#15 seed—FlightReacts

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of FlightReacts/Instagram

Strengths: hustle
Weaknesses: Yes… stamina, defense, footwork, wildly inconsistent jump shot
Badges: Hall of Fame Delusion, Bronze Intimidator, ‘Irish Spring Green,’ Green Machine

Scouting report: Flight is the most improved YouTube hooper of the past few years. Early on in his run to the top, Flight built a reputation as a walking L with zero-to-no redeeming qualities as a hooper, which has led to many more losses than wins. To some extent, this is still the case. However, Flight’s game has improved dramatically over the last year in the wake of “June Flight,” and he has become an improved ball handler, shot creator, and shooter, though still not consistent quite yet. His major weaknesses are his defense, offensive inconsistency, and inability to utilize his height despite being 6’2.

While much improved, Flight still has L’s to many of the people on this list, so he naturally fits as a 15 seed.

Note: Flight has 1v1’ed or appeared in a video with just about all of the people in this field. When it comes to 2K and general basketball content and reactions, he is one of the community’s finest as one of the faces of the genre—in that regard at least, he is a clear top 3 seed. #FTC #FlightTeamStandUp

#16 seed—Adin Ross

YouTube Basketball March Madness
Courtesy of Adin Ross/Instagram

Strengths: sus tendencies
Weaknesses: too much sus
Badges: Hall of Fame Sus

Sus Report: Adin Ross has only just recently made his 1v1 debut, but already he has a few matches under his belt (pause), which were all L’s. The man is not really a hooper, nor has he ever claimed to be, but he has a fairly decent-looking jump shot. His entertainment value and status as the king of sus have established him as one of the early M.V.P. ‘s of 2021. The man even managed a kiss from the alluring Corrinnakopf twice on stream, (lucky muthu*****). This year has been all W’s for Adin {off the court and his ascension further atop the ranks of the community is inevitable if his current trajectory is any indication. #TheComeUp

Watch: FaZe Adapt vs Adin Ross (Basketball 1v1)

There you have it! This is the field for the 2K/YouTube basketball community March Madness tournament. S/O to basketball YouTuber, Mdubduce! Mans is a walking bucket and an emerging figure in the YouTube basketball community, having appeared in videos with some of the 16 creators above as well as other known influencers.

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