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Your Favorite Streamers and Creators Want to Meet You

Across the gaming community, it’s nearly impossible to find a gamer who doesn’t have a favorite streamer or influencer. We love streamers and creators in the gaming world even more than celebrities; where celebrity love is one-sided, gaming creators foster conversations with their audience, which means fans often have opportunities to meet and chat with their favorite creators and streamers. If you’re a gamer and/or a fan of gaming creators and you’ve wanted to know the streamers you watch on a personal level, this article is the place for you.

Your Favorite Streamers and Creators Want to Meet You 6

Start With Support

If you’re just getting into the idea of connecting with your favorite gaming creators, a good way to start out is by showing them some support. This can be financial support in the form of donations or social support in the form of talking them up online. 

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Financial support is always welcome. But if you aren’t in a position to donate financially (no shame, we’re all broke and it’s okay), giving support in the form of shout-outs and mentions is just as wonderful. However you can support your favorite gamers, what really matters is that you’re taking the time to support them any way you can. 

Comment To Your Heart’s Content

If you’re ready to get a little more personal, there’s never a bad time to speak up in the comments section of your favorite gamer’s stream. While it can be uncomfortable to reach out in a public space (social anxiety may kick in), you can rest easy knowing you aren’t alone

Courtesy of Twitch

Depending on your favorite gamers, you may even watch a stream where the creator encourages an open conversation. Streamers who often chat with their audience provide a perfect place to start a conversation with your favorite gamer. 

Join A Welcoming Marketplace

If you want to get even more involved, influencer marketplaces that cater to gamers are a must-visit. While chatting in comments is great, collaborating is the logical next step!

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Some quality marketplace examples include Syft.GG, Upfluence, and Talkwalker. Upfluence and Talkwalker are geared a bit more towards brands reaching out to work with gamers. Syft.GG, however, is an open space for anyone – brand, creator, gamer, musician – who wants to get involved in the world of gaming online. And when you join these sites, you’re not just connecting with gamers; you’re also funding them, since these are primarily places to hire gamers into collaborations. 

Get Involved Any Way You Can

When it really comes down to it, if you want to connect with your favorite gaming creators, just be involved any way you can. Whether you’re donating to their stream, talking them up online, or reaching out in a chat box, it’s always right to show support and a desire to connect. 

Courtesy of Steam

You may be unsure at first, but if that’s the case, just remember: your favorite gamers are already putting themselves out there in their streams and videos. They want to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them. 

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