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Young Prodigy: Rowdy Rogan’s ‘Greatest Hits’

Prodigy—a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities.

Say less.

Young Prodigy Rowdy Rogan’s ‘Greatest Hits’
Young Prodigy: Rowdy Rogan’s ‘Greatest Hits’ 5

In this world, there exist certain anomalies that defy the logic of everyday life. These somethings or someones’ very existences deviate from the norm, adding variety to the whole.

6-year-old Warzone prodigy Rowdy Rogan is one of those anomalies—a kid barely in elementary school whose uncanny skill in the game rivals, and oftentimes exceeds, those three times his age and experience. Furthermore, the boy wonder’s dynamic combination of skill and swag make him the coolest kid on the block.

In this critically-acclaimed project, you’ll learn why the gaming world has marveled over the young gamer and why he’s got next. Let’s explore this track list inspired by the greatness of Rowdy Rogan.

Syft Entertainment presents: Young Prodigy, the Album. 

Disclaimer: This may be obvious, but this is not a real project from Rogan.

Young Prodigy Rowdy Rogan’s ‘Greatest Hits’
Young Prodigy: Rowdy Rogan’s ‘Greatest Hits’ 6

1.  6 Years

Our valiant gamer is every bit of six years of spice and everything nice. Think it’s sweet and you’ll get sent to the Gulag with the quickness courtesy of the youngest to ever do it.

2.  The Warzone

Rogan’s claim to fame comes from popping off in Call of Duty at only five years old. Hundreds of thousands have witnessed the legend in action as a now-six-year-old who dominates in COD Warzone. He may not be of age yet, but he is a man in game and acclaim.

3.  Shark Bite

When you see that trademark emblem in the sky, just know that it’s not the Dark Knight, it’s the Shark Bite—swift, efficient W’s onsite, or on LAN (or SEA.)

Rowdy Rogan
Courtesy of Rowdy Rogan/Instagram

4.  FaZe Up

Blaze, Replays, Kalei, Flea, it don’t matter—it’s FaZe Up until the day’s up. Rogan has already made a great impression with many of the FaZe guys, having collaborated with FaZe Blaze, Swagg, Apex, Scope, Dirty, and more.

5. I like Your Cut G

Legend has it that a certain someone once uttered the phrase “I like your cut g” at least a quintillion times on stream (which means the fam has heard it significantly more off-stream, lol.) High key though, lil Rogan’s cut is always on point. Such is the life of the youngest, freshest, and flyest in the game.

Rowdy Rogan
Courtesy of Rowdy Rogan/Instagram

6.  Rowdy

The spirit of youthful exuberance runs wild in our favorite six-year-old. Hence the name ‘Rowdy’ made cool by one of the leaders of the new skool.

7.  The Future of Esports

What we are witnessing from the young goat now is just the beginning of a great origin story; the opening acts of a fruitful and flourishing career in the making.

Also, shoutout to Rogan’s parents and all other parents who actively support their kids dreams of a career in gaming.

8.  Youngest FaZe Member?

Rogan’s run to the top 20 in last year’s FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge was truly a magical ride. While he didn’t win, it was merely a roadblock and only delayed his inevitable journey to one day join FaZe! #FaZeRogan

9.  Forbes

Rap megastar Roddy Ricch once said:

Thirty before thirty, I been settin’ trends

Hop on the Forbes, I hop on the Forbes, I hop on the Forbes

At his current trajectory, Rowdy ‘Ricch’ will have already made his mark in history as an esports/gaming legend well before he hits 30 years of age. As far as Forbes is concerned—been there, done that.

10.  Young Prodigy

The esports and gaming industries are full of many gifted young gamers from across the globe who will carry the torch well into the future. But show me another one who’s made headlines as young as Rogan. I’ll wait.

He is a 1-of-1, the likes of which gaming has never seen; a top tier prototype of a gamer who hasn’t even reached puberty yet, with crazy potential. In less than a month, the little guy will be celebrating his seventh birthday, which will officially change the number on all of his socials for another 365 days. So, for now—at least for just a little while longer—he is still formally the six-year-old Young Prodigy, Rowdy Rogan. Straight Up.

See Rogan live in action on Twitch @RowdyRoganFam, and follow him on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

“Album” Credits

Executive Produced by Jeffrey Jenkins

Mixed and Engineered (Edited) by Jake Perl

Recorded at Shark Tank Studios*

Published and made possible by Syft Entertainment

*not a real location

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