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Yo, Meet Overtflow: TikTok Legend, Vegas Native, Gaming Icon

When you talk about esports and gaming, you’re talking about big money—a cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. In fact, it is highly likely that the booming industry will soon be recognized as a billion-dollar industry. According to Newzoo’s Global Esports Market Report 2019, it is estimated that at current growth rates, the esports market will generate $1.8 billion in revenue by 2022.

When you talk about Las Vegas you’re also talking about– you guessed it– BIG money. The Entertainment Capital of the World is home to multi-billion-dollar megaresorts as part of the infamous Las Vegas Strip. However, this city is not just about casinos, gambling, and nightlife. The Strip brings together the most thrilling and vibrant attractions in Las Vegas. “Excitement and energy” are the perfect words to describe this fascinating destination.

They are also the perfect words to describe gaming icon, internet personality, and Vegas’s own, Overtflow.

Yo, Meet Overtflow: TikTok Legend, Vegas Native, Gaming Icon 4

In a world of charismatic and polarizing figures in the gaming industry, 29-year-old PJ “Overtflow” Britain is right up there with the best of them. The Vegas born-and-raised internet star has made a name for himself with his high-energy gaming lifestyle content, which has attracted a massive legion of followers. Overtflow meshes pop culture with fashion and games primarily on Fortnite with “ridiculous, high energy, over the top, clickbaity, good family content.” With nearly two million followers on TikTok, half a million subscribers on YouTube, and thousands of additional followers across Instagram and Twitter, the influencer has established himself as a gaming icon.

“I like the fact that I can have a little community that enjoys similar things to me… Having that community of people to talk to is really cool to me, and I think it positively impacts people,” he says.


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♬ original sound – OVERT

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♬ original sound – OVERT

Overtflow’s brand and widespread appeal to a vast audience has also attracted the attention of some the world’s most recognized brands, including GFUEL, Scuf Gaming, Kontrol Freek, KFC, TikTok, Epic Games, and even the prestigious Ford Models. As a gaming staple and one of the first signees of the agency’s new esports and gaming division, PJ joins a who’s-who roster of gaming personalities including iconic gaming/fashion figure “Avori,” one of the founding fathers of FaZe Clan, FaZe Clipz, and top competitive Street Fighter player, Chris “Chris T” Tatarian, among many others.  Overtflow has also been featured in many national publications such as Forbes, Newsweek, Digital Trends, The Sun UK, Yahoo, Dexerto, China Times, and The Las Vegas Review-Journal, among others.  In August of last year, he was announced as a brand ambassador for the North American Collegiate League (NACL) with NFL Hall of Fame player, Brian Urlacher. PJ is also a featured contributor for XCADEMY, a leading YouTube development academy.

The gamer extraordinaire is also a dedicated 2-striped brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a rank one step below the coveted black belt (which often requires up to ten years to earn.) As a multifaceted creator and personality, Overtflow’s success has taken his brand well beyond gaming and into the bright lights of national entertainment.  In 2018, he fought in the undercard against FaZe Sensei in the KSI-Logan Paul boxing match which aired on YouTube garnering millions of views—an accomplishment he cites as his greatest professional achievement. He also participated in the 2018 NBA Summer League celebrity influencer game.

Yo, yo, yo, it’s Overtflow

The name Overtflow actually has nothing to do with gaming and everything to do with music, it turns out. The name, which has rung bells throughout the gaming world, originated from a spirited studio session as a youngin’—the rest, as they say, is history.

“When I was little, like 11 or 12, one of my best friends’ older brother had a music studio and he used to let us mess around and make beats and stuff, but before we came in, he was like yo you’ve got to make up some rapper names so when you come in here we know what to call you,” Britain said.  

He then went on to explain the nuances to the thought process behind his name, which basically went a little something like this:

Flow=rapping. ✔️

I have a lot of flows, so what about, Overflow?

Naw, that’s too simple. ❌

Overt, however means very obvious.

So, very obvious flow(s).

Overtflow it is. ✔️✔️✔️

A young Overtflow frequented the glitz and glamour of the Vegas strip quite often. The high-spirited, bustling disposition of The Entertainment Capital of the World would become a parallel to the massive appeal and energy surrounding his prosperous gaming career in store. His fascination with gaming started as a little kid with the timeless classic Super Mario 64, and he’d play the game for hours with his grandpa. After a shoulder injury in a wrestling match in 2010, Overtflow turned his passion for gaming into engaging Call of Duty content, citing FaZe Clan as heavy influences.

“I started creating content just for fun as a hobby, uploading two to three times a week for years, and then I realized that people were making money from it,” he says. “I remember being blown away hearing that somebody makes a thousand dollars a month doing this… that was amazing and such a crazy thing to me.”After a well-documented termination from GameStop in 2015, Britain started seeing sustainable success on his YouTube channel and started creating content full time. He has since evolved into a polarizing gaming content creator and lifestyle influencer and one of the most recognized figures in the Fortnite community after picking up the game from former roommate and creator of #DramaAlert, Keemstar. Last year, he successfully co-founded a Las Vegas-based influencer “house” which generated over 450 million views during its first six months.

Overtflow 1 1
Image courtesy of Overtflow/Instagram

When asked what the most important aspects are to being a successful creator, Overtflow narrowed it down to four pivotal elements: love what you do, be consistent, create quality content, and network.

“A lot of people hop on trends without actually enjoying them… you have to love what you do,” he explained. “You have to be consistent with your videos; that doesn’t necessarily mean post every single day, but if you tell your followers that you will be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, make sure you’re always there on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… Look at the people you’re currently watching, see how their production looks and make sure that [the quality of your content] is up to the same standard, or as close as you can get it”

He then emphasizes that perhaps the most important of the four points is to network, explaining that supporting other creators in the community is key, and that the more people you know, the better.

All of that to say this, Overtflow’s advice to an aspiring content creator: “just get started.”

“If you want to start creating content, do it. Don’t try to wait for the perfect time, it’s never going to happen.”

Sage words from a man who has very much so done it himself.

As Overtflow continues to cement his legacy, one thing has become abundantly clear: all he does is win, and he looks to continue to do so with more big plans on the horizon in 2021. When asked what’s next for him, he revealed that he is aiming to reach the five million followers milestone on TikTok and that a master plan is currently in the works to start a star-studded gaming house featuring the biggest TikTok gaming content creators around. He explained, “It’ll be a movie.”

Us here at Syft—along with the entire gaming community– can’t wait to see this metaphorical motion picture and other future Overtflow productions come to fruition.

Overtflow Jackpot
Yo, Meet Overtflow: TikTok Legend, Vegas Native, Gaming Icon 5

Time to cashout…

You can bet your last dollar that gaming will continue to rise in prominence as a global juggernaut in entertainment. With an abundance of riches and success to his name, the smart money is on Overtflow being one of the figures to help lead the industry into the next generation. If his past accomplishments and current trajectory are any indication of what’s to come for the Vegas-born influencer… I’m all in on Overtflow. #jackpot

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