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Yimeng Subbed In For Team WE Against Rare Atom

Team WE had a great start to the 2021 LPL Spring Split split. Breathe, beishang, Shanks, Jiumeng and Missing looked very promising but lost their fifth game and the undefeated title. Yesterday, Team WE faced Rare Atom but with a different lineup. Yimeng was subbed in due to Shanks’ personal issues and Rare Atom defeated WE by a score of 2-0.

WE Yimeng 1
Photo courtesy of Team WE

Shanks played four different champions in 2021. He had seven Orianna games, three Syndra, three Zoe and one Viktor. His Zoe was so phenomenal that the team won all three matches and Shanks had a 16.5 KDA. Team WE won 71.4% of the games that Shanks played Orianna and the Chinese mid had a 6.5 KDA in those seven games.

On the other hand, Yimeng is also a great Zoe player, but he played Syndra against Rare Atom in both matches. Yimeng’s professional gaming career started in 2019, under the EDG Youth roof. Team WE acquired him for its academy roster and gave the opportunity to show his potential on stage.

Team WE lost 2-0 against Rare Atom. The ex-Vici Gaming squad secured its third win in 2021 whereas WE faced its second loss. The team is right behind RNG with five wins and two losses.

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