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Clip of the Day: xQc’s Exquisitely Extraordinary Fighting Technique

When the final boss music plays and this freak specimen appears…

Clip of the Day: xQc’s Exquisitely Extraordinary Fighting Technique 2

June 6’s Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight was a complete dud. In an exhibition matchup with no official winner, somehow the whole world took an L.

I suppose realistically, what would you expect from a retired (albeit world class) boxer and a Youtuber, right?? Still though… no shenanigans, no K.O. teases even, no intrigue, and no reason to pay for that weak s*** in hindsight 😂!! 

It’s a shame though… with no official winner, there is no definitive, clear contender to step in the ring with this world class combatant… 

What you see here is an individual of such blinding speed and technique that no one can defend themselves against it— not even Money Mayweather. Any feeble attempt to do so is useless. Such unpredictable yet calculated movements and unprecedented footwork are simply too advanced to properly train against, too refined to comprehend, and honestly, too funny. 

What you see is simply an archetypal prodigy of history’s most lethal fighting techniques— and comedy gold. 

Yes, the man they call xQc— one of gaming’s finest content creators— is both the #1 contender and the champ— player one and player 2– the lyrics and the beat.

At the end of the day, it is indeed Luminosity own xQc— the player of games— who’s the undisputed champion of the world. But we already knew that. 

For more foolery, clownery, and laughery? Click here, or you’ll be forced to enter a death match with xQc.  

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