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xQc Stream Snipes in Twitch Rivals, Gets Banned

Stream sniping, watching an opponent’s stream while streaming and competing in the same game, is a bannable offense according to Twitch’s terms and conditions. xQc just stream sniped.

xqc.0 1
xQc Stream Snipes in Twitch Rivals, Gets Banned 2

In a Fall Guys competition, the Canadian streamer stream sniped DrLupo, attempting to prevent him from qualifying, therby helping his own team. This offense drew the attention of many, including fellow streamers Shroud and Tyler1. xQc has been banned from Twitch temporarily and Twitch Rivals for six months.

Twitch Rivals shared a statement through its official Twitter account:

“At GlitchCon our player conduct rules were violated. We require all participants to abide by the same rules in order to play in a tournament. As a result, xQc has been issued a temporary Twitch account suspension, a temporary Twitch Rivals ban & forfeited associated prize money.”

The Story Behind the Suspension

xQc was discovered to be stream sniping, and called out on stream.

Right after, Shroud, DrLupo, and Tyler1 discussed the event further. “Is he an idiot?” Shroud said. “This is quite literally bannable. What he just did could get him off Twitch. You’re not allowed to do that.”

DrLupo, who xQc prevented from qualifying, after learning of the situation, said, “This is actually [the] dummest sh*t I ever saw. Why is he doing that?”

Things got worse when xQc and Tfue joined Tyler1’s stream. The three big Twitch stars entered a yelling match, screaming and talking trash with each other.

“You’re so loser xQc, and you stream sniped and all my members down cause you’re a loser,” said Tyler1. xQc’s response was a quite clear, “I don’t care it, it’s hilarious.”

Though xQc thought “it would be funny,” stream sniping is still a violation of Twitch’s terms of service, resulting in his ban. However, he accepted fault and shared an apology on Twitter.

xQc hasn’t commented directly about the ban at the time of this article.

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