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Xbox To Host Bethesda Event In (Possibly) Mid-March

Courtesy of Microsoft

Jeff Grubb and @Skullzi tell us a Bethesda/Microsoft event will happen sometime in Mid-March.

According to Jeff Grubb, Microsoft is planning on hosting an event after Bethesda’s acquisition to give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the partnership. He also goes on to state that he doesn’t believe this is going to be as big as the recent Nintendo Direct. Instead, we can expect this to be a mix of business and games. 

This means we just might be able to find out which games are exclusive or even timed-exclusive. Many projects such as Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield were already in the works when Microsoft bought the company, so it wouldn’t be too far out of left-field for them to slap some sort of exclusivity on one of their titles, especially when Microsoft stated that certain games would be taken on a “case-by-case” basis. 

@Skullzi tells us that he believes Starfield might be a part of the marketing video shown at the event, but not to take his word for it. 


You can bank on Microsoft and Bethesda to host an event where they tell us some of their future plans. What’s more, the rumor is that it will possibly take place this month. Microsoft has stayed silent about many of its Zenimax/Bethesda plans because the acquisition might not be finished yet, but we can expect an event as soon as it becomes official.

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