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Working in Gaming Doesn’t Require Being A Gamer

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Outside living off-grid 

…in the middle of nowhere 

…with no human contact 

…void of technology

It’s hard to have missed the enormous growth of esports. With its growth has come an expansion of available job opportunities — and not just for gamers. Simply having a passion for video games accompanied by hard work (fall in love with the grind) and you can carve out a role in the industry that best suits your talents. Of course, becoming a professional gamer stands out the most, but it certainly doesn’t end there. You can work on the event circuit, behind-the-scenes as a developer, in a niche like esports content creation — trust me, it’s fantastic — or almost anywhere else you can think of. The diversity of ways to be part of the vast community is hardly limited. It’s more than just gaming.

Tech Insider
Courtesy of Tech Insider

If being a professional gamer just isn’t your style, here are a “few” possibilities that may spark your interest:

  • Event manager
  • Commentator
  • Production crew
  • Coach/analyst
  • Journalist/content creator (hey, that’s me!)
  • PR/Marketing executive
  • Product manager
  • Sales/partnerships manager
  • Admin/referee
  • Organization owner/manager
  • Agent
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Software testing professional
  • Game tester

Pretty long list, huh? With the wide array of different career paths, it should come as no surprise the industry in 2020 came in at approximately $1 billion in value with over three-quarters coming from media and sponsorships. By 2023, the industry’s value is estimated to increase to over $1.6 billion. Video games and esports went from a bustling niche to a central figure in mainstream entertainment in a few short years. Events are shown on ESPN, professional sports teams sponsor their own teams, and cultural icons like Michael Jordan, Drake, and former rapper-turned-gamer Logic have all given their blessing on the legitimacy of esports. Needless to say, throwing your hat into the esports arena isn’t a bad idea. 

British Esports Association
Courtesy of British Esports Association

How do you do it?

Hard work (naturally), doing the research, networking, and gathering all the knowledge you can about anything to do with video games. Take the search and yourself seriously. For decades, video gaming was primarily a hobby but it’s transformed into a very real career path. 

If carving out a profession in esports sounds like the life for you, there are several job sites on which you can find a position which matches your interests. Sites like Hitmarker and Jobs in Esports are exclusively geared towards esports but places like LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, and Indeed also house open positions. 

Though already an enormous industry, there is plenty of growth on the horizon for esports. The gaming community is open to anyone and everyone that wishes to become a part of it, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. It’s truly a place of “the more, the merrier.”

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