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With “Firebase Z” releasing soon, fans are speculating what could be coming up for Zombies.

A few days ago, an anonymous user posted to 4Chan a five-paragraph description of what maps are expected to release for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (BOCW) Zombies in the coming seasons. 

BOCW Zombies1 1
Courtesy of Activision

The post – filled with NSFW comments for those wondering – outlines how there will be six maps releasing, one for each season, with three maps being free and three being tied to the Battle Pass. Again, most of what is being said is strictly conjecture. 

As a result, it is extremely wise to take the following information with a grain of salt. However, considering how accurate the Zombies community has been in the past, there might be more validity to these claims than expected. 

The first map discussed was “Firebase Z.” As the map is set to release in a few days, Treyarch has remained relatively mum about any specifics concerning the map – apart from an overhead picture and some screenshots. However, it was said the map will allegedly be split up into two sections: a section with a medium-sized outpost with spaces and open areas and another containing an abandoned village surrounded by muddy water and swimming zombies. 

It should also be noted that while players await the release of “Firebase Z,” there have been videos and posts on the various subreddits and sites showing some portions of the map as well as upcoming changes for perks and field upgrades. 

With this screenshot, it’s clear there will be two areas. Screenshot courtesy of Treyarch

Next up is “Mauer der Toten,” which roughly translates to “Wall of the Dead.” 

Much like what was previously speculated, what with the game outlining how there will be a map set in Germany, “Mauer” is set in East Berlin during the 1980s. Of note, the poster claims this map will feature bits of fan-favorite Black Ops map “Kino der Toten” and “Verruckt” from World at War. 

Having a new map with sections of “Kino” makes sense considering map codes prior to BOCW’s release stated that a map – named “ZM_Platinum” – was set in Berlin. “Kino” was originally set in West Berlin so it will be fascinating to see how Treyarch amends this. 

The third map mentioned was called “Spusk Stali,” a map set in Russia on a snowy mountain. Translated to “Descent of Steel,” the map is mainly vertical, meaning players would have to play with altitude in mind. Inside the mountain are frozen caverns, which, in turn, have ruins and ancient artifacts. Players can also use portals, wherein they will be teleported to another part of the map, such as different caverns and tunnels. 

The aforementioned maps will be free, according to the anonymous poster. Additionally, there will be three other maps – all from Black Ops 2 – that will only be featured in the Battle Pass, starting Season Two: “Green Run,” which has been built from the ground up; and remakes of “Die Rise” and ”Buried.” These maps will supposedly be coming out every other season.

The post also claims that starting from Season Two, Battle Pass tiers will contain Zombies content in the form of skins. This addition makes sense since the current iteration of the Battle Pass is predominantly centered around multiplayer items. 

That said, it will be interesting to see if the Battle Pass maps will be free or not. Treyarch has stated in the past that all DLC maps will be free, however considering BOCW’s lackluster sales, Activision may force a reversal of this decision. 

Lastly, it remains to be seen if “Der Riese” will release at some point. Nevertheless, with the information coming from the leak and the information already available to players from BOCW itself, it would be fair to say that there may be more truth to this post than fiction.

In any case, fans should be excited for the Zombies content coming in the next few months.  

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