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Winless London Royal Ravens Fall to Los Angeles Thieves

Before the game, we all expected a one-sided victory in favor of the Los Angeles Thieves, but just like the day before, the London Royal Ravens surprised everyone with a solid fight until the end. However, this didn’t change the ending scenario, and the Thieves added another victory to the chart.

LA Thieves over London 1 1
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Thieves

Game 1 – Hardpoint

Both teams made aggressive plays in the early stages and contested the Hardpoint. Alexx led his team at this point, but Los Angeles Thieves’ team play was so good. Firstly, Kenny fired up his teammates with clutch kills. Temp and SlasheR joined him with good numbers on the scoreboard, and the Thieves won the first map 250-137. Alexx’s effort couldn’t lead the team to victory as Temp reached a 3,625-score, 26-kill performance in 10 minutes.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy was so close until the end. The London Royal Ravens fought till the end but fell short closing out the game. The Los Angeles Thieves surpassed its opponent with a score of 6-4 and advanced to the match point. Yesterday’s hero, TJHaly, killed his opponents 10 times and maintained 750 points in terms of score. However, SlasheR had the most points with 1,000.

Game 3 – Control

The Los Angeles Thieves wanted to sweep its opponent and end the series by winning Control, but the London Royal Ravens came storming back. Even though they dropped a game, the Ravens closed out the Control game and prevented a possible sweep. Dylan’s 21-kill performance was the biggest factor in Ravens’ win. His 1,006-damage outing was huge for the London Royal Ravens to keep their faith alive and advanced to the fourth game.

Game 4 – Hardpoint

The early and mid stages were pretty close, but the Los Angeles Thieves found an opening window to close it out in the late stage. The Ravens did everything they could but failed in the end. SlasheR’s 39-kill performance was absolutely unstoppable, helping his team get past Seany’s 35 kills. 

The Los Angeles Thieves continued their journey by adding another win to the scoreboard. The Thieves are sitting in the top spot; However, the London Royal Ravens are still fighting for a win. 

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