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Will we see “Der Riese” appear in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

Now that Treyarch has announced a new Zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (BOCW), fans have been speculating which maps are coming next. Though most of the chatter on what map is coming is mainly based on conjecture as of now, it never hurts to speculate. 

However, if the in-game files are any indication, perhaps fans might see arguably one of the best maps in Zombies history remastered sooner rather than later: “Der Riese” or The Giant.

Der Riese
Will we see "Der Riese" appear in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War? 3

When it comes to Zombies maps, longtime fans of the mode agree that “Der Riese” is the best map more often than not. It was first introduced as the final downloadable map for Call of Duty: World at War and since then, it has been featured in almost all Treyarch-developed Call of Duty titles, save for Black Ops II and Black Ops IV. 

Although the map is extremely simple in terms of layout, “Der Riese” was the first map to have the “Pack-a-Punch” machine as well as teleporters. Both gameplay mechanics would become series staples in some way, shape or form. 

Not only that, though there was no grand story Easter Egg to complete, “Der Riese’s” simplicity is what makes it stand out: just survive with upgraded weapons for as long as possible. Not to mention, the Easter Egg song – “Beauty of Annihilation” – is arguably the best in the series. That is saying something, especially since there are so many great songs to choose from throughout the series’ history. 

All this stands to reason as to why “Der Riese” is the best map and is the epitome of what the core Zombies experience is, story Easter Eggs notwithstanding. That is why it makes sense for Treyarch to bring back “Der Riese” in upcoming seasons for BOCW.

If what has been floating around the Zombies community is any indication, “Der Riese” might be coming sooner rather than later. For starters, it is heavily implied that a new map will be released every season, with “Firebase Z” being the first one — though it is releasing earlier than Season Two’s actual release date. 

Firebase Z
A teleportation system found in “Firebase Z.” Screenshot courtesy of Treyarch.

Secondly, during “Die Maschine’s” opening cutscene, multiple locations can be spotted on various TV screens: Vietnam, where “Firebase Z” takes place; Russia, near the Ural Mountains; and Berlin, Germany. With “Firebase Z” already confirmed, it will be interesting to see what map is announced in Russia. However that final map taking place in Berlin is worth noting. 

According to a BOCW Zombies leak a few months ago, BOCW was set to feature three maps on release: ZM_Silver, also known as “Die Maschine”; ZM_Pink, which is “Firebase Z”; and a survival variant of “Nacht Der Untoten,” the original Zombies map, which can be found in “Die Maschine.”

Additionally, a few map codes have been discovered as well: ZM_Platinum, set in Berlin – which makes sense considering the intro cinematic – and “Code Name_TheGiant,” a purported remake of “Der Riese.” That said, it is more than likely ZM_Platinum could feature Black Ops favorite “Kino der Toten” which is set in West Berlin as part of the overall map, much like how “Nacht” was a part of “Die Maschine.”

If this is true, then it’s entirely possible to see “Der Riese” in BOCW in the coming months, after the “Kino” remake is released. Whether “Der Riese” releases by itself or as part of a larger map remains to be seen, especially since Treyarch themselves have yet to fully announce their plans for Zombies content in future seasons.

Nevertheless, if any of the above speculation, clues and map codes have any merit, expect to see a few fan-favorite maps drop for BOCW sooner rather than later. 

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