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Will Episode 3 Remove Post Plant Meta in Valorant?

Another episode has come to the end of its life cycle in Valorant. On June 22, Episode 2 Act 3 will bid farewell to the players and give up its seat to Episode 3. The new chapter of the game will bring so many alterations along with it. The Patch 3.0 will be the biggest update of the game so far, bringing a new agent and likely it’s going to change the in-game mechanics a lot. However, will it be enough to switch the current post-plant meta in the game?

Courtesy of Riot Games

The post-plant meta has been taking over Valorant since the Viper buffs. In addition to this, the release of Astra grounded the spot of the strategy and led every team to play in this way. It was the strongest tactic on the board and it was hard to counter. Basically, teams try to take over the bomb site, plant the spike and play to deny the defuse with their abilities from far away in the post-plant meta. Watching this over and over again is not fun for me and countless fans who agree. 

Courtesy of Teletype

Before giving the details of Patch 3.0, Riot Games gave some hints about an agent who can disable opponents’ abilities for a while. Some fans, including me, thought this might be the complete end of post-plant meta. However, my opinions have slightly changed after seeing all the abilities KAY/O has. Yes, it’s going to affect teams’ plans and force them to find other ways to perform their strategies thanks to Zero/Point ability which suppresses enemies. The problem is you need to find enemies at the right time since Zero/Point only suppresses the bodies, not the abilities. This means, you can’t throw the blade on Viper’s Snake Bite to disable it. You have to find Viper.

The new agent also brings a brand new cluster grenade, which can prevent someone from defusing the Spike, to the game. It’s another element to create a post-plant scenario. That being said, the meta will take the wound mostly from the price changes of abilities. There are critical changes on mollies of Viper and Brimstone, Sova’s Shock Dart and Sage’s Slow Orb alongside structure alterations on Astra’s stars. Also, Jett is no longer able to destroy Cypher’s traps which will make the Sentinel more eligible in the game. So, this might lead teams to fight more in bomb sites rather than waiting for retakes.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Patch 3.0 came huge on June 22. It will change the meta, no need to be a psychic to predict it. Will it remove the post-plant game styles completely? I doubt it. I believe we’re going to continue to see those kinds of scenes, but maybe fewer than in Episode 2. When you consider all the upcoming changes, more gun fights will take place in the games of Valorant after the start of Episode 3.

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