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Why Sora should be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

For almost two decades, the protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts franchise Sora has captured the hearts of fans. With an iconic Keyblade and mountains of support on his side, he seems like a natural fit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest iteration in the Smash Brothers series renowned for its full roster of more than 70 iconic characters. Sora’s exclusion is a glaring one, as he’s a natural fit for the world’s most popular fighting game and would make for a no-brainer addition in the future. Here’s why. 

Why Sora Should be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate4
Courtesy of Sakimichan, Deviantart

His Diverse Moveset

One word: Keyblade.

Sora uses his trusty Keyblade throughout his  adventurous battles between light and darkness. With this power, he has many powerful abilities at his disposal that would make for some exciting visuals and awesome combos in Smash, making him a perfect fit.  

He has an INFINITE amount of possibilities for both close-and long-range combat, attack and defense. For starters, his weapon is an actual blade (duh) and with it, he can summon magic from every element including fire, ice, thunder, wind and even unique ones like gravity and time. Special attacks like Strike Raid, where Sora launches the Keyblade at his opponent, and Ragnarok—streams of light-based laser magic—would make for great neutral specials.  

Nintendo also can’t forget about his Drive forms,special abilities Sora uses to pull off powerful transformations (and also sport some dope drip). There are six in total, all of which give unique powers. Final form—his most powerful form—would make for a great choice as a Final Smash, as he uses two Keyblades to deliver a decisive blow clean off of the stage.

Trinity Limit, Zantetsuken, and Sora’s Ultimate form would also make for excellent Final Smash choices,surely adding some massive K.O. potential.

Sora’s Anti form, representing the darkness in his heart, would be a fine addition as an alternate character as well. Between that and the Keyblade’s many different variations and forms, Sora could be one of the most versatile, if not THE most versatile character in Smash.

Also, he can literally glide in the air.

His Legacy

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game where iconic characters come together and fight, right?

Well, here’s one more for ya… the heroic, loyal, and optimistic Sora. He has fought the forces of darkness and protected the Realm of Light since 2002 as the main protagonist of the classic Kingdom Hearts series. He may not have quite the recognition and amount of games as Mario, Sonic, or Pikachu, but he certainly deserves a spot over characters like Robin, Lucas and Bayonetta.  

Sora’s place in video game lore as well as in the hearts (pun very much intended) of fans cements his status as a character worthy of a spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Why Sora Should be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate2
Sora in Kingdom Hearts 1. Courtesy of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki

Music & Stages

One of the coolest things about Smash is hearing renditions of classic video game soundtracks as you clash with equally-classic characters. Few games can claim to have a soundtrack as classic, perfect, majestic, amazing, and flawless as Kingdom Hearts.

Listening to a rendition of Dearly Beloved, Night of Fate, Tension Rising, or any other soundtrack from the series while you play would be a treat not only for Kingdom Hearts fans but fans of the Smash series itself.

Sora would bring with him some incredibly sweet tunes, but also some stages with unique obstacles and designs, such as the Keyblade Graveyard, Twilight Town, and Castle Oblivion to name a few. Perhaps, in the Keyblade Graveyard, he could even use a random Keyblade as an attack item.

Why Sora Should be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate3
The Keyblade Graveyard. Source: Disneytheory

He Has a Show Coming Soon

It was reported back in May that a Kingdom Hearts TV show is reportedly in development for Disney+. Details of a potential release date are still unknown, but we do know that the show will be made by Square Enix, the development team behind Kingdom Hearts.

Imagine a scenario where Sora makes his fated debut to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the same week, or possibly even the same day, as an official trailer for the show. Even syncing up his Smash drop with an announcement for the show would drive fans wild. Sora’s addition to the most popular fighting game in the world would be a great way for Disney to bring some attention to its latest project.  

The Fans

Perhaps the most important reason why Sora should be a part of the Smash family: The fans want him.

According to an observation of official Nintendo twitter accounts after DLC character reveals in 2019, Sora was the most requested character in all of America, and even Europe.

The people have spoken.

Here are just a few responses from those who feel the same way:



The end.

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