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Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide

In lieu of statues and bottles, Little Nightmares 2 has two sets of collectables. One is the glitch-like holograms, and the other is a series of hats you can equip your character with to spice up your horrific journey to the Signal Tower. But while some of these hats are easy enough to stumble across, others may elude you when you’re always on the lookout for the next cause of death. Here are some hints and tips for filling out your personal haberdashery. 

Little Nightmares 2
Images courtesy of Tarsier Studios, Bandai Namco

There are 10 wearable hats in the main game, with 2 additional hats being unlocked with the additional Nome’s Attic DLC. While the first hat is given when you start the game (the classic paper bag hat seen above) and the last hat is given upon completion of the game, the remaining hats can be found in the 4 main chapters of the game, with 2 per chapter. As an interesting aside, they’re not listed in the order that they can be found in-game, so don’t be worried if there are gaps while you are collecting them in your menu.

LN2 Hat1 1
The complete set of hats available in game, including the Nome Hat and Mokujin Mask.

The Wilderness: The Raccoon Hat and the Rain Hat

The Raccoon Hat is the first collectable hat and one of the easiest to find. Shortly into the beginning of the chapter, you’ll find yourself entering a house in the woods and running through a kitchen. Just after leaving the kitchen, you’ll be faced with a hallway and a doorway leading to the basement, where you next need to go to progress through the story. Instead, walk forward on the screen to find another set of rooms and enter the one on the left. The Raccoon Hat will be sitting on the floor in the middle of the room and can be picked up with the grab button in-game.

LN2 Hat2 1
Images with an arrow courtesy of Polygon

The Rain Hat is found a little later on in the chapter, near the broken bridge you and your new friend have to work together to cross. You’ll know you’re in the right area by the number of hanging cages, one of which has the hat just barely visible in it. Climb the nearby cages to get on top of the cage with the hat, and then simply jump up and down a few times to knock down the cage, breaking the lock. Rain Hat get!

LN2 Hat3 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 11

The School: The Volleyball Hat and the Tin Can Hat

Another fairly straightforward one, the Volleyball Hat (sometimes also called the Soccer Ball Hat) can be found in the small playground just outside of the school building. The playground itself is dreary, with a lonely swing, a single seesaw, and a broken soccer net, but the Volleyball Hat is in plain view on top of the dumpster by the front door. You can jump the railing by the stairs to reach it, or by climbing the dumpster itself. 

LN2 Hat4 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 12

The Tin Can Hat is easy to miss on your first run, but can be found in the library in the school, in the same area with the rolling ladder. Where normally you would push the ladder to the far right shelf to climb onto the other book shelves, you can instead push it to the middle shelf to climb up and nab this metal mask before you continue your escape from the Teacher. As a delightful bonus, this hat also causes Mono to occasionally make metal banging sounds as his hat gets knocked around through his adventures, which I thought was a fun touch. He literally has a metal can on his head.

LN2 Hat5 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 13

The Hospital: The Teddy Bear Hat and the Bandage Hat

Shortly after entering the hospital, you’ll find yourself in a lobby-type-of-area with an X-ray room connected to what seems to be a nursery with some truly terrifying-looking stuffed animals and toys. The Teddy Bear Hat can be found on top of the toy shelf on the right of the room. As a bonus, wearing this hat while burning all the toys in the room will net you the Toys Are for Kids achievement. Those things should be burned anyway: they look horrific. 

LN2 Hat7 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 14

The Bandage Hat (or Patient hat, or mummy hat) is a little more tucked away than some of the others and can be found a little after your first encounter with the Doctor. After evading him for a bit, you will be dropped down into the hospital morgue from the ceiling and briefly separated from your friend to grab the key to a door. While in this room, you can open the body storage door just to the left of the table, near the floor, to reveal the hat. 

LN2 Hat8 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 15

And finally, the Paperboy Hat, or the Newsie Hat. Found in a convenience store that’s not-so-conveniently flooded and electrified, the hat itself can be found on top of the shelves in the back left corner of the store, nearby this lovely graffiti of a dog? Or maybe a horse? While it’s unclear what exactly this creature is, you can use the nearby shopping cart to make it easier to climb onto the shelves and get the hat. 

LN2 Hat9 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 16
LN2 Hat10 1
Who needs a face with hats like these? Little Nightmares 2 Hat Guide 17

And those are all the hats that can be found in the main game! The final hat, sometimes called the Fedora Hat or the Brim Hat, is automatically unlocked upon completing the game and earns its own achievement after being worn in-game. Make sure to pop it on for a bit while hunting for other hats you may have missed or searching for the missing Glitch Remains, the other collectible in Little Nightmares 2. Gathering all the Glitches will unlock a secret ending cutscene, so keep an eye out for the hologram-like kids during your adventures. And, who knows, a guide may be in the works for them already… So keep hunting! 

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