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Who is Illuminate Entertainment?

On March 24th, 2015 a new revolution in gaming was quietly born. The release of Illuminate Entertainment’s “illuminate The Way” YouTube series paved the way for a newly christened team of gamers and entertainers to become a beacon of light to the community. This is their story.

The word ‘illuminate’ is defined simply as to make (something) visible or bright by shining light on it. A glaring spotlight is firmly fixated on the esports and gaming industries like never before and that light is only going to get brighter. Gaming is backed by many influential teams and organizations that are housed by intriguing personalities and top-tier gamers. As collective entities to a booming industry that entertains millions worldwide, these units are astronomically invaluable assets to the business.

One organization not yet among the most well-known is an upcoming brand of gamers and eccentric characters on the rise that is quickly gaining momentum in the community. You may not know of them yet but you will soon enough—their name is Illuminate Entertainment.

Illuminate Entertainment
Courtesy of Illuminate Entertainment

Illuminate Entertainment is a professional esports, lifestyle & entertainment organization founded in 2015 with the simple vision to have fun and show that gamers can enjoy all aspects of life. The org hangs their hat on being a family of creatives with the common goal to show the world that gamers aren’t the uneventful individuals that society thinks they are—boring, uneventful, and stagnate people with little going for them (you know the stigma.)

They are a collective designed to entertain as positive influences on the community and have lived up to this calling thus far.

In late July, the organization held a charity for the family of 15-year-old Jaden Rosas, who was tragically killed by a stray bullet while playing Fortnite. “Illuminate for Jaden” was a resounding success and far exceeded expectations. With a community of supporters all rallying behind the cause, CBS News took notice and served as a testament to the outpouring of support behind Illuminate and the family of a fellow gamer gone much too soon.  

Founder and CEO Carlos “Virux” Guillen created and founded the organization alongside Adrian “Axceus” Sosaysilva. Shortly after, the third owner, Tony “Rabie” joined the team.  Virux created Illuminate inspired by the likes of Optic and FaZe, orgs started by content creators, for content creators. In high school, at the time of its creation, he conceptualized Illuminate with the idea of a balance of life and gaming determined to show the world that gamers are cool and more than the stereotypes they are labeled as. It is this mindset that made way for illuminate as a lifestyle and entertainment brand, leaving open the possibilities of it venturing into other ventures of entertainment.

Now, the future of Illuminate is brighter than ever with a dynamic roster of over 50 members, including a superstar cast of content creators and newly acquired professional Apex, Warzone, and Valorant rosters. They also currently focus on Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone for team content, but with their recent expansion into esports they’ve become a flourishing multifaceted organization.  

On July 18, they welcomed nine new personalities to the crew, as the new wave to a fresh and promising era in the organization’s history.

As they continue to fill their roster with more high-spirited gamers and creators and spread their influence throughout the community, it won’t be long until they are officially recognized as one of the ‘illest’ in the biz.

The illustrious; the illimitable—Illuminate Entertainment. #illGang #illuminateTheWay

Follow Illuminate Entertainment on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, & TikTok.

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