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What To Expect From The Second Half of LPL Spring Split

The 2021 LPL Spring Split’s second half has begun with the sixth week of competition. On the first day, JD Gaming and Team WE won against Suning and FunPlus Phoenix, respectively. The Spring Split’s sixth week will continue throughout the week and we may see some surprising results from mid-tier teams. The playoff race has officially begun!

LPL Takeaways Week 6 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

At the end of the first half, EDward Gaming remained undefeated and didn’t lose the first spot. FunPlus Phoenix followed them with only one loss but FPX faced its second loss against Team WE with the start of the second half. This win means a lot for Team WE as it wants to have a higher ranking to be able to start the playoffs with an advantage. 

Personally, I expected a better start from Suning. The 2020’s World Finalists had rough times during the first half and looks like they will continue their struggle throughout the second half. Suning is sitting at the 12th seed with three wins and five losses. SOFM and his friends are the biggest surprise this year compared to their performance last year.

There is another surprise besides Suning and that is obviously Top Esports. Top managed to lift the trophy last year, but in 2021, it is performing like a whole different team. Karsa’s team made a support change prior to 2021, and it looks like things aren’t going well so far.

LGD Gaming and Rogue Warriors are also showing disastrous performances. LGD’s star player, Kramer, had to go into quarantine after he tested positive for COVID-19, and LGD couldn’t find its rhythm after the occasion. Lastly, Rogue Warriors signed two Taiwanese players, Ziv and Betty, but they are sitting very last in the standings with only one win out of eight matches.

LPL Spring Standings Week 6 1
Photo courtesy of GamePedia

You can see the standings after the first day of week six. I personally think that Top Esports and Suning will somehow make it to the playoff bracket. I am not sure which team will lose its playoff spot, but I have this huge instinct telling me that Victory Five will stumble in the upcoming weeks. Invictus Gaming has been unstable and may be the second team other than V5.

To be honest, the team that surprised me the most is Rare Atom. Ex-Vici Gaming picked up FoFo and strengthened its roster, but I didn’t expect the team to grab four wins. Rare Atom might be an “X factor” and upset big teams in the upcoming weeks.

LPL has always been unpredictable. I am curious who will represent the region in MSI. EDward Gaming looks unrivaled, but this is going to change for sure in the future.

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