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What Makes A Great Gaming Influencer

What Makes A Great Gaming Influencer

Greatness is something that many want, but won’t put in the work to get. This sentiment is no different in the gaming influencer community. With famous gaming YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Ninja, and Faze Rug topping social media charts, many people wonder what sets them apart from the rest. Is it the headset they have? Maybe the capture card they use to record gaming montages? Spoiler alert: it’s neither!

In this article, you will become familiar with what a gaming influencer is, and learn about three attributes you can foster right now to start your path to prominence in the gaming community.

What is a Gaming Influencer?

Gaming influencers are streamers, game reviewers, and specialists relating to the video gaming industry. In 2021, gaming has the biggest following it’s ever had, and this is good news for both businesses and influencers. If you have any interest in becoming an influencer and you also like gaming, understand that getting started can be as simple as pressing “record”.

As mentioned before, Pewdiepie, Faze Rug and Ninja are examples of the best gaming YouTubers.While they can sometimes make similar content, what sets these three apart is how they communicate with their audience and what games they play. Gaming influencers promote their content in many ways. A few examples are through gaming montages, paid advertisements on the different social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube), and even collaboration videos with other influencers.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what gaming influencers are, here are some attributes to keep in mind to set you apart from any potential competition.

The Power of Live-streaming

Gaming Influencer

A huge method that the best gamers in the world, and many other top gaming influencers, use to grow and interact with their fanbase is live-streaming. This is done mostly through Twitch and YouTube, the biggest platforms for streaming in 2021. Good to know: Twitch hosts 91% of streaming content in the market. Streaming allows creators to directly interact with their audience, allowing for authentic moments that cultivate an involved fanbase. A perfect example is the gaming influencer known as “TheGrefg”, a Twitch streamer from Spain who holds the world record of 2,468,668 concurrent viewers on his Livestream earlier this year on January 11th. 

While streaming isn’t an absolute necessity to become a successful gaming influencer, it’s an activity you definitely want to consider. Not only is it one of the best ways to interact with your audience, but it also creates more opportunities for you to grow your brand. With 54% of live streaming content being related to gaming/esports, this is the best time to develop a following.

The Importance of Your Niche

The most important attribute of a great gaming influencer is understanding of their niche. What sets those on top apart from the rest is the amount of trust and credibility they have built within their niche. Knowing what content you want to create and what kind of audience you imagine watching your videos will help you in building your platform.

By specializing yourself within the gaming world, you build a loyal and legitimate audience that trusts you will deliver the content you are known for. Everyone’s process of finding their niche is different, and so you can find a way that works best for you. This step will always be the most important because you cannot be great if you don’t know where your specialties are.

Consistency is Key

This step is easier said than done, and it’s one of the main things that sets the best gaming influencers apart from the rest. Consistency is crucial because both, your audience and businesses you work with, will expect you to put out content and interact on a steady basis. Failing to frequently interact with your followers at your set pace will hurt your brand, so don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Before being known as great, you must be known as reliable. Because of this, consistency with your content is vivid when establishing yourself as a top influencer. With your niche/specialty, create a posting schedule that serves to build that connection with your audience without burning yourself out. 

The best way to start is by breaking your overall goal as a gaming influencer into smaller, more digestible pieces. Decide what your ideal following size and career aims are, and set the framework to reach them. You don’t have to start by making a Livestream every day or 4 videos a week. One quality piece of content per week may be better than a dozen with no purpose.

Don’t Fear the Burnout

Gaming Influencer

Another important attribute of a great gaming influencer is the ability to work past the burnout you might feel during your influencer career. Burnout happens when you get tired of playing the game you’re known for, or not having the energy to put out the same amount of content as you have before. It’s something that many influencers go through, and it can potentially be damaging to your influencer journey.

The path to greatness will not be short, there will be many plateaus and moments where you doubt your place in the gaming community. Feel those doubts, and keep going anyways. Famous gaming influencers don’t stop when the journey to the top gets hard, nor do they allow any doubts to change their way.

Learning to manage your mental state is a huge factor in your overall success as a gaming influencer because it’s very easy to put out nice content for a short period of time. True success is found through persistence, and training your mind to bear through the not-so-fun moments of this career will definitely set you up for greatness.


In this article, you have learned what a great gaming influencer is, and the attributes you can utilize right now to become one yourself. As a reminder, the three attributes mentioned in this article are:

  • Understanding your Niche
  • Being consistent with your Content
  • Powering through burnout

Keep these in mind on your way to the top, and use them to set yourself apart from the rest.

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