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What is the worst Call of Duty of all time?

Believe it or not, I have played every Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2. Throughout my years playing CoD, one horrible game always comes to mind, and it might be different than what you would expect.

Call of Duty
Courtesy of Blame Truth – the CODfather, Youtube

Without a single doubt in my mind, the worst game in the Call of Duty Series is Infinite Warfare, which was released in 2016. There were a couple reasons why this game was so bad: let me walk you through them.


A lot of the time when I get a new CoD game I will play the campaign first, just to let myself get used to how the game functions. I find that completing the campaign first gives me a big jump-up when I then go and play online. I knew Infinite Warfare was going to be a mess when, early on in the campaign, you are in outer space. Like, come on. I get trying to take the campaign in new directions, but I felt that being in literal outer space took it too far. There is no sound in space, so how do you expect me to shoot a gun? Nothing adds up, and it really took me out of the game and just left me annoyed.


The multiplayer functioned fine and had the normal amount of guns and attachments fans were used to seeing. The problem was the movement mechanics. Players had jetpack-type equipment which allowed them to double-jump up to extremely high areas as well as run on walls. This seems fine as a concept as it has been done in other games, but for CoD, it simply did not work. The maps didn’t match the new type of play and it felt clunky and forced. This is one of the only CoD games ever for which I played more Zombies than I did multiplayer. I really just did not have that much fun online when playing this game, which was such a disappointment. I remember really feeling like I wasted my money on this game. I guess I only have myself to blame, as these jetpack features were shown off early on in the game’s trailer. I just really figured they would make it work.

Similar to Black Ops 3

The biggest problem this game had was that it was boring. It felt so similar to Black Ops 3, a game which had come out the year before Infinite Warfare. It almost felt as though they took the same basic bone structure for the game and just added a couple things to make it a little different. If I was a teacher, I would 100% be able to tell that Infinite Warfare cheated off the paper of Black Ops 3 and just made a couple changes to try and pass it off as its own. This was the same case in Zombies mode, too. The mode was not necessarily bad, it just was so similar all-around to the game that came before it.

I have to be honest, I’m not sure how you readers are going to react to this take of mine. I know the game has been pretty disliked by fans, but there are many other CoD games which also get bad reactions from players.. Let me know if you agree with me or if you think another CoD game is worse. I’m really curious to see what you all think.

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