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What Happens When A Game Dies A Premature Death

There are so many games out there that never managed to fully get off the ground but still left their mark in different ways on the gaming community. The world of cancelled games ranges across all genres of gaming, and there are many games rumored to be quite exceptional that have been cancelled, as well as games that just never got all the way to excellence. Read along to learn more about what happens to a game when it gets cancelled, and what is left behind. 

What Happens When A Game Dies A Premature Death
What Happens When A Game Dies A Premature Death 5

One example of cancelled games comes from the grouping of cancelled games which were going to be a part of a larger series. The first game that comes to mind is the game Silent Hills, which was due to be a new game in the Silent Hill franchise of games. Silent Hills was rumored to be quite spectacular, falling in line with the rest of the notably terrifying and cinematically amazing games in the series, but the project stalled in 2015, supposedly due to a falling out between the creators. For Silent Hill fans, the cancellation of this next game in the series was quite a blow at the time, but there are still plenty of Silent Hill games to enjoy, as well as books, films, and other content and merchandise surrounding the series. For those who are still hung up on Silent Hills, however, there are rumors that the game might be getting worked on again for a release on the PS5. However, at this time, this is still just a rumor, although it has been hinted at by several fairly reliable sources. 

Silent Hills
Image courtesy of Silent Hills trailer, Konami

Another interesting category of cancelled games is video games that were being made based around films. One particularly mysterious game due to come from a film series is the Dirty Harry game, which was based around the Clint Eastwood film series and stuck in production before its cancellation in 2007. Not very much is known about the Dirty Harry game; mostly, we just know that it was set to be a continuation of the events of the original film and that it was to be set in an open San Francisco setting. Since we know so little about the game, it’s hard to say whether it would have been good or bad, but now, it’s just a shame that we will never get the chance to find out.

Dirty Harry
Image courtesy of Dirty Harry trailer via Unseen64: An Archive For Beta & Cancelled Games on Youtube

One of the more heartbreaking areas of cancelled games are the games we never had the chance to know much about because they got cancelled, and especially because they were not based on previous works. One of these games that we just don’t know enough about is Sadness, which was in the beginning stages of being a fantastic horror game on the Wii system but was cancelled before it could get off the ground. Sadness was in development by Nibris, but it was cancelled in 2010, and sadly, there was never enough made of it for us to have a really good idea of what it could have been. Supposedly, it was to be a dark, beautifully-shot psychological horror game. The trailer is one of the most concrete sources of information we have about this amazing game that could have been, but never was. 

Image courtesy of Nibris via IGN on Youtube

The world of gaming is full of these shadows of games which made it to different levels of production, and sadly will most likely never see the light of day. Sometimes, we get lucky, and a cancelled game comes back (here’s to hoping for Silent Hills,) but for the most part, we are left with these remnants of what could have been. It’s always a curious thing to examine what gets left behind when a game dies a premature death.

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