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What Did Worlds Look Like? A Meta Analysis of Worlds 2020

Worlds ended on a high note this past Saturday. Damwon Gaming took the title over Suning and there were many, many unique champions played. In total, over eighty unique champions were played with picks new and old alike. But what was the Worlds meta like? Using OracleElixir, I’ll break it down for you.

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For this list, I will be only focusing on champions who have had ten or more appearances (except for Top Lane due to the limited pool). All other champions will be listed in the Other section.

Top Lane – What’s an Ornn?

If you know anything about Syft, we love Ornn. Apparently, the rest of the world loves Ornn as well. He was the highest picked top laner with 29 games and a pick/ban ratio of nearly 90.8% across the World Championship. Players like 369 of Top Esports, Solo of FlyQuest and Zoom of JD Gaming used Ornn’s power to build additional items for his team and send a ram down the lane knocking up enemies. Ornn is very strong.

Following Ornn comes Renekton at 22 games, Volibear, and then Camille, in that order. Even with them, there were plenty of choices as well. Players like Nuguri of Damwon played Kennen, G2 Esport’s Wunder played Sylas and even top-lane Lulu and Singed made individual appearances, landing them in the powerhouse that is the Top Lane.

Worlds Meta
What Did Worlds Look Like? A Meta Analysis of Worlds 2020 7

Jungle – If You Can’t Take The Heat, Stay Out of The Jungle

This Worlds focused on the aggression of jungle champions. In a meta shown to be more towards aggressive picks, players like Kanavi, Karsa and Canyon thrived in the chaos. Other junglers like SofM and Jankos took more tanky junglers to Graves was the most picked champion not only in the jungle but in the entire tournament with 52 games played throughout the entire tournament. Graves is a high tempo jungler with a quick clear speed and his ability to sneak in and out of the fog of war. And with a 90% pick-ban ratio, it’s no secret that junglers loved getting their hands on him.

Following Graves are Lillia, Nidalee and Kindred – all three being high tempo junglers that serve as an aggressive role as well as a supportive role with Lilla’s Lilting Lullaby, Nidalee’s healing and Kindred’s infamous Lamb’s Respite. Following them came Lee Sin and a host of other junglers. Even picks like Rengar, Kha’zix and Evelynn made appearances at Worlds, truly shaping up the metagame for the tempo-focused junglers.

Worlds Meta 1
What Did Worlds Look Like? A Meta Analysis of Worlds 2020 8

Mid Lane – Ban Drawers for the Win

Mid Lane is a bit of a doozy. With both Orianna and Syndra being played 28 times each, it was really the domination of the control mages. Players like knight, Showmaker, Angel and Caps showed their masteries on these champions with their abilities to change an entire game based off their ultimates as well as their abilities to combo off with their teammates. Other champions played include Twisted Fate, Galio, Azir and, towards the end of the tournament, Sylas and Akali. 

One champ that I have to focus on is Lucian. Lucian drew 93% of bans across the midlane, making him the most banned champion across the entire tournament. His ability to be flexed into the solo lane made him very powerful with waveclear possibility.

Worlds Meta 2
What Did Worlds Look Like? A Meta Analysis of Worlds 2020 9

The Bot Lane Diversity – ADC and Support

I’m combining these two because there sadly was not a whole lot of diversity in the marksman role. Primarily, Ashe, Jhin, Senna and Ezreal were the most played. Marksmen played a more utility-focused role with long-range ultimates that changed the tide of the fight. Players like Ghost, Huanfeng and JackeyLove took these champions and made some incredible highlight reels out of them.

Worlds Meta 3
What Did Worlds Look Like? A Meta Analysis of Worlds 2020 10

Finally, the support pool saw two main champions in Leona and Pantheon. Both of these champions showed their abilities to roam the map, pick off enemy champions and create a large impact in the support position. Other champions included Bard, Tahm Kench, Rakan and Thresh, all of which performed a similar role providing engage and defense while their carries did all the work.

Support Pics
What Did Worlds Look Like? A Meta Analysis of Worlds 2020 11

The Worlds finals had to be one of the most exciting matches in Worlds history, and these were the champions that carried our champs to the top.

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