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What Attracts Fans To Gaming Montages

What Attracts Fans To Gaming Montages

Both teenagers and adults today will agree that gaming isn’t just an incredibly entertaining pastime. It affects our lives in a meaningful way, and the gaming industry has become an unstoppable juggernaut that is influencing the way we consume content. The evolution of the industry from a multitude of arcade games to more enhanced, consumer-oriented consoles has been nothing short of revolutionary. The popularity of gaming has also given rise to gaming influencers: talented individuals with both; curious personalities and creative marketing strategies.

Anyone who is familiar with the gaming industry today probably has a favorite gaming influencer or an influencer whose skills they admire. In recent years, gaming stars such as PewDiePie, JuegaGerman, FaZe Clan, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins among others pose as content creators on various social media platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

They have millions of followers – but their authenticity and ability to connect with their audience has made them invaluable to brands. Moreover, the collaboration between famous YouTube gamers and musicians via gaming montages has helped artists discover a creative new way to promote their music. At a time when the global online music streaming revenue is rapidly declining, being creative and thinking out of the box is key. Collaborating with influencers to promote songs via gaming montages is exactly that!

Gaming influencers record multiple video clips of their best gameplay skills and edit them into a montage, which flaunts their talent as gamers. It’s something of an intersection between filmmaking and gaming, and influencers must make these videos super interesting to be able to monetize them. Gaming montages are of different kinds, they could be used to showcase “walkthroughs”, influencer skills, or gameplay clips that help guide fellow gamers. Depending on the platform, gamers add music to these montages which range from full-length tracks to clips with the best beats.

Some of the most well-known YouTube gaming montages are from YouTubers such as Cody Conrod aka Clix, Faze Clan PewDiePie, and many others. Gaming YouTuber radius was discovered because of his montage videos! His video titled Lemonade featuring the titular song from Internet Money, Gunna, and Don Toliver garnered over 7 million views (since being uploaded in October 2020) and is now one of the tops searched YouTube gaming montages.

What Attracts Fans To Gaming Montages And Why Are They So Popular?

In many ways,  gaming has become a spectator sport now – it isn’t just something we love to do, it is something we love to watch! In fact, 48% of YouTube gamers say they spend more time watching gaming videos on YouTube than actually playing games.

Gaming Montages

Watching a skilled gamer play Fortnite or Call of Duty can be just as exciting as playing the game itself…and there’s so much to learn. There are over 40 million active gaming channels on YouTube that are constantly churning out content to attract fans and potential viewers. Here are some reasons why fans are so attracted to gaming montages nowadays:

  1. Not only do gamers show-off their best skills through montages, but they also share gaming tips and tricks that fans and regular players may not know about. For example: YouTube gamer SypherPK (Ali Hassan) posts tutorial videos where fans can learn to outplay their enemies by using special tricks.
  2. Gamers post about incoming competitions with other gamers and hype them up via montages, which keeps fans entertained and aware of their next move.
  3. Through montages, gaming influencers make a connection with their subscribers/followers through hilarious edits and parodies, as well as voiceovers. Fans remain entertained until the very end as they laugh throughout the montage!
  4. Professional gaming influencers post “walkthrough” videos which are aimed at improving a player’s skill within a particular video game. These montages are designed to assist players in completing an entire videogame or specific elements in it. They’re guides that enhance the experience of players and help them unlock special game achievements. Gaming fans love walkthrough videos because it gives them an opportunity to step in the shoes of a famous gamer and learn to play exactly like they do!
  5. Even the best gaming montages are incomplete without their key feature – music. Gaming influencers always add fun, upbeat and energetic music to their montages that correlates with their gaming video. They edit their gameplay clips to the beat of the music, which keeps viewers and fans engaged, excited and makes the montage watching experience a lot more thrilling.
Gaming Montages

Some people might think that gaming can be an isolating experience because it’s just the player and the screen – but there’s a community to it. Gamers are able to connect with dedicated gaming communities on YouTube which makes them feel included, and inspired to celebrate the characters and worlds they love with other, like-minded individuals. It’s a social media platform where they can discover real people who love the same things as they do, for the same reasons too.

Gaming influencers are more and more popular with brands today as they have an emerging purchasing power in their audience. Their fans/subscribers trust their reviews and purchases since these individuals share a genuine connection with them. Launching campaigns with gaming influencers are very effective as their audience is constantly growing and they can reach out to more and more consumers. 

Artists, musicians, and record labels are tapping into influencer marketplaces such as SYFT.GG, created for gamers by gamers, to discover authentic gaming influencers who can help them reach out to potential listeners. With more people playing games and the demand for immersive entertainment only increasing, and the powerful impact of gaming montages, the future of marketing within the gaming industry is bright.

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