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What a Concept! 9 Cool Concept Royale Submissions

‘Tis the season for some exciting new fits in one of the world’s most popular games. On June 15, Epic Games kicked off a new contest for designers looking to have their creations immortalized as in-game character outfits. Many have entered, but only two will live forever in Fortnite lore as well as walk away with a $2,500 grand prize.

The contest, referred to as “Concept Royale,” called for participants to create winter-themed character outfits to release during the upcoming Winter Fortnite event TBA. To be precise, the contest tasks entrants with creating “your most festive, frosty, and fun designs to bundle up in this holiday season.”

What a Concept! 9 Cool Concept Royale Submissions 2

Such an opportunity inspired many amazing submissions, including the following nine which are all cool, fun, and totally chill in their own way. Observe!

Warg x @Skechartist

With the aid of his frost spirit Ajax, Warg, the native wolf huntsman, is ready to fight for the ultimate Victory Royale this winter.

Snow Walker x @Hybr1dP

The OG of everything frost and ice himself, Frozone, once said, “Honeeeyy, where’s my super suit??!” This incredible design is a super suit, high-tech, beast of a concept. #HereItIs

Panthera x @calebwilkie

Nothing is as swift and efficient in wintery conditions as Panthera, the snow leopard. The ultimate predator is looking to run wild in Fortnite this holiday season.

{insert name here} x @official_trimix

You don’t need a name when you’re one of the most unique and innovative concepts in the competition. Human on the inside, igloo on the outside?? Yes. Deal with it.

Morso x @Dreowings

Morso may look intimidating but he’s really a nice guy/walrus hybrid type thingy. Just don’t mess with his snowball and he’s chillin’. If you do?.. R.I.P.

Metamorph x @logishere

The human turned intergalactic being, Metamorph is what nightmares are made of. With savagery mixed with intelligence and raw primal instincts, he’s looking to bring a whole new invasion to Fortnite season 7 this winter.

Scarf Specialist x @mark_vanguard

This chick can do things with her trademark scarf that go well beyond just being a trendy fashion statement. As a pickaxe and glider, it’s the perfect 3-in-1 solution. Doin’ it with style.

Frost Lord x @itzkrypt_

It’ll be a cold day in hell the day Frost Lord, right hand to the Ice King, rises from the abyss to rule over all of Fortnite. It just might happen. 👀

Polara x @LawyFN

As one admirer said in a reply, “This skin screams Fortnite.” Such true words are supported by Polara’s detailed design, which was conceptualized to be the perfect caretaker and partner to the existing Polar Patroller skin. The duo aims to reel in the ultimate Victory Royale together, with many fishys along the way.

There is currently no date set to reveal the Concept Royale’s two winners, but the designs you’ve seen here are primed to be leading contenders. Best of luck to all participating!

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