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Welcome FaZe Faxuty, The Newest Recruit to FaZe Clan

Of the 200,000 plus entrants, one now stands alone in triumph as the very first winner hand picked by FaZe.

Image courtesy of FaZe Clan

Meet the newest FaZe member and the first winner of the 2020 FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge, FaZe Faxuty!

The 22-year-old streamer and content creator from California was officially announced as part of the FaZe family during the first of five highly anticipated announcements to come through December 31. Each day a new FaZe5 winner will be revealed. He was also awarded a brand-new Nissan Kicks vehicle.

The Cali ‘content machine’ established himself as an early standout in this year’s FaZe 5 RC, with his passion for entertaining and unmatched energy, en route to becoming its winner.

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Image courtesy of Faxuty

Congratulations, to Faxuty on this incredible achievement! One down, four to go. Stay tuned here to Syft, as we announce the other soon to be FaZe members in what will go down as a historic week in FaZe Clan history. To view Faxuty’s Voices of FaZe 5, click here. #FaZeUp

The #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge began on September 4, garnering over 200,000 participants, with the goal of recruiting five new members to one of the premiere esports organizations in the world. Nearly four months later, FaZe is finally ready to welcome the FaZe 5 to the team. $100,000 in bonuses from G FUEL are awarded to the winners, and one winner will be selected to live in the FaZe house.

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