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Weapon Attachments Might Come to Fortnite Soon

Every time I write a news article about Fortnite, I wonder if there is any other game which leaks something this regularly. Epic Games has been keeping its popular battle royale game updated since it was released in 2017, and another feature is on the way according to the latest leak from HYPEX. Weapon attachments might be added to Fortnite soon.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/FortniteBRFeed

Earlier this week, the reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX sent out a tweet and mentioned that Epic Games started testing a “Weapon Mod Slots” mechanic lately, a feature which gives weapons some abilities in line with attachments. It would be the first time Fortnite receives such options if the mechanic goes live.

Weapon mods features are used by most battle royale shooter games currently. They allow players to customize their own weapons, build them as they want, and amplify the variety of games played. As an example, Warzone players can change seven different parts of their weapons. Seven.

Since there isn’t yet any official statement or leak, the new option’s details are still unclear, and this leads players to create their own theories. It’s likely that Fortnite will allow users to add some attachments, like silencers, to the weapons in the game. On the other hand, attaching some specific perks like 20 health for an elimination would be great additions.

Until everything becomes clear on weapon mods you can enjoy Fortnite’s latest collaborations!

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