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Warzone leak hints at swimming coming to the game

Warzone just keeps on adding stuff to the game. I love it! A new leak has come out that hints at a new way players can get around the map: swimming! The leak suggests that the frozen dam might be melting soon leaving room for a new location that will allow players to be able to swim.

Courtesy of Activision

This could also lead to the addition of water vehicles, but so far there has been no comment from developers about any of this. We really do not know if it is true. There is some evidence that could support this leak though, as Warzone is getting worked on by the Treyarch company. Treyarch was the developer behind the game Black Ops 4, which had a ton of aquatic features present.

If I had to guess, I would say this leak is correct and soon we will be getting the ability to swim in either certain parts of the map or maybe even in more parts than we would think. I also believe that with this swimming feature will come aquatic vehicles, which I am super pumped for. I can just imagine shooting people down with a machine gun attached to a speed boat.  There is so much opportunity for fun to be had with these potential upcoming additions to Warzone. The game may change forever if these features end up being added, and I honestly think that could be a good thing. With any game that has been out this long, changing the way the game is played is crucial to keep people entertained and playing.

What do you all think? Are you excited about these potential additions to Warzone? Or are you scared it will change the game too much?

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