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Vici Gaming Rebrands As Rare Atom

Vici Gaming
Photo courtesy of Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming is one of the oldest LPL teams in the scene. The organization welcomed important names like Easyhoon, kkOma, PoohManDu, Bengi, Vasilii, DanDy, Mata and Coco. Even these big names couldn’t help the team get a trophy or at least make it to the international stage. Vici Gaming’s logo was rebranded last year as seen below but for this year, the team went for a full rebrand, changing its name to Rare Atom.

Vici Gaming
Courtesy of Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming joined the League of Legends scene in 2013. The team had participated in the 2014 LPL Qualifiers with players like We1less and SmLz but couldn’t make it to the big league. Vici’s first LPL appearance was at the 2015 Spring Split. Since then, the team hasn’t had any valuable achievements. On top of that, Vici was demoted in 2017 even with players like Bengi and Easyhoon on the roster.

LPL probably has the biggest market value out of all League of Legends tournaments. It is pretty much because of the population and interest for the area in the region. Rare Atom didn’t only get the spot but also acquired all the players. These players are Cube, Aix, Leyan, FoFo, iBoy, Hang and Maestro.

Rare Atom
Courtesy of Rare Atom

Vici’s 2021 roster looked promising and now we will be watching these players compete under the name of Rare Atom. The Jungle rotation looks packed with the inclusion of Leyan and Aix. We have to admit that FoFo and iBoy looked pretty scary in the Demacia Cup 2020.

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