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E3 2021: Verizon Reveals How Their 5G Technology Will Revolutionize Gaming

In the last couple of years, 5G has become a controversial topic of conversation. Putting aside paranoid fears of newer technologies, 5G is designed to transform our lives for the better when it comes to higher capacity, lower latency, and better overall connectivity.

Courtesy of Verizon

The notable American wireless company Verizon came to E3 2021 to provide players with a glimpse at the future of gaming with 5G technology. Verizon’s Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scotti took to the stage to summarize Verizon’s plans for the gaming industry.

“The hardware being announced here at E3, all of them, require a powerful network,” Scotti said, “And Verizon 5G will take all of them to the next level. We’re talking about capabilities that include speeds that can reach up to 4 gigabits per second. Latency measuring milliseconds. The potential to support more connective devices than ever before.”

Verizon’s 5G plan involves what is known as Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). This system optimizes the performance of a network for 5G services and, according to Verizon, will be utilized by game developers going into the future.

“MEC involves combining compute power which would otherwise be in the cloud or on the device itself into the edge of the network where those capabilities are most needed for low latency performance,” said Nicki Palmer, Chief Product Development Officer for Verizon.

The wireless company is not only spearheading a gaming revolution through their technology, but through their outreach as well, through new initiatives and partnerships with notable gaming companies. They recently partnered with Riot Games for an expanded program launching fall 2021, titled the Verizon Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers. The purpose of the program is to help mentor female esports casters in order to help promote women and marginalized groups in the esports community.

Verizon partnered with Cxmmunity, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting minority groups within the video game industry, to provide the Verizon Game Forward Scholarship. The scholarship will be given to five female STEM students at five separate HBCUs, including Delaware State University, Dillard University, Howard University, Morgan State University, and Texas Southern University. According to Verizon News Center: “The 25 scholarship recipients will also be guaranteed internships at top tech and gaming companies, including Verizon and its partners, ensuring an increase in the pipeline of female talent into STEM careers.”

Verizon and Team Liquid are collaborating to begin the installation of several 5G streaming pods at the Team Liquid North American training facility. Other than helping to advance Team Liquid’s “business efforts and fan offerings,” Verizon will also be featured on the organization’s professional athlete jerseys as a sponsor.

Verizon is also joining forces with Dignitas in order to release a beta for Dignitas NFTs, which will be holograms of the women’s FPS team. The holographic NFTs will be viewable through augmented reality and will have digital signatures from the players.

Possibly Verizon’s biggest partnership is with Electronic Arts to create better player experiences with EA Sports Madden NFL Mobile. “We are combining the power of the Verizon network with the creativity of the developers of EA,” Scotti said. “Their team will work with our 5G labs to innovate using 5G to focus on creating the most dynamic player experience ever.”

During their E3 showcase, Verizon set the standard for how a telecommunications company can positively impact the gaming community.

To check out the full stream of the Verizon E3 Showcase click here.

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