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Verdansk 84 Replaces Warzone’s Original Map

Warzone brought in the new season with a two-part Nuke Event from April 21-22, and with it, a list of new features for the ultra popular battle royale. To put it simply, it was a blast.

Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s season 2 finale event included a complete overrun of the Verdansk map with zombies. Those who tuned in for the event began in a regular Warzone match until several infection zones started growing out of proportion. Infection zones were introduced at the beginning of season two and allowed players to commence controlled zombie events for extra loot. These zones took place at Shipwreck, Prison, TV Station, and others. Besides introducing these zones, season two also had locations where giant nuclear warheads were being stowed away. Rumors began swirling about Verdansk getting nuked to oblivion, and after the events of season two, that’s exactly what happened in “The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1” on April 21.

Infection zones were identified with location names crossed out in red slashes, but when the zombie outbreak got too out of hand, all of the map locations had been crossed out. During the event, anyone who died was transformed into a zombie, much like the Halloween event from last year. Whether you were a human or a zombie, an eerie progress bar popped in and out of your screen showing how badly the zombie outbreak was and would become. Once the progress bar hit critical levels, a countdown for a nuclear strike began.

Then everything went up in smoke in glorious fashion.

The new playlist for season 3 includes Rebirth Island as a nighttime map titled “Aftermath: Rebirth Island.” Before players drop into “Aftermath,” they are given a black screen with the message, “15 Minutes After the Destruction of Verdansk.” Also, the Construction Site location is now a fully built station called the Control Center. The new playlist had several clues around the map that acted as riddles for what was to come next.

At 12 pm PDT a few days ago, players were able to wait in long server cues for the final stage of the Warzone event called “The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2.” The event started off with the message “10 Minutes Before the Destruction of Verdansk” as you dropped in with your team of four into Rebirth Island. Your task was as follows: retrieve the nuclear device responsible for the impending destruction of Verdansk.

Every team in the match was racing to be the last ones to have the device in their possession before the nuclear countdown ended. Players who were killed would immediately drop back into the map with their loadout. Once the countdown ended, the last team to have the device triggered the nuking of Verdansk, and a mushroom cloud appeared off in the distance. The match ended with a team being declared the destroyers of Verdansk, and a brand new cutscene cinematic started.

Verdansk 84 has the same layout as the original Verdansk but with updated locations. Farmland is now Standoff, Dam is now Summit, Quarry is now Salt Mines, and a new location has been added called the Airport Factory. Locations like Airport and Superstore no longer have destruction surrounding it, and parts of Downtown and Array now have newly accessible buildings and towers.

This is without a doubt the biggest event Warzone has had to date. Players have been hungry for some change and they’ve officially gotten it. It’s time to squad up and enter the new season with Verdansk 84.

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