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VCT Europe Masters 1 Participant, DfuseTeam, Looks for a New Organization

A day after the win against G2 Esports in Challengers 3, the roster of DfuseTeam announced that they’re allowed to explore new organizations. The team’s captain, Rodolphe “rodeN” Bianco, emphasized on Twitter that the current organization will release them by the end of March.

DfuseTeam New Org 1
Courtesy of DfuseTeam

Unlike in North America, some of the biggest organizations of the region still haven’t invested in Valorant in Europe. This being the case, a few talented rosters have been homeless for a while and competed on their own in early days of the game. Then, squads were obligated to join organizations. Opportunists’ roster was one of them, players were acquired by DfuseTeam in November, but as the scene grew and the team had administrative issues, competitors wanted better options.

The roster entered the Valorant scene under the name of “Opportunists” in July. In the early stage of the game, they succeeded in winning several low-tier tournaments and became one of the great teams in Europe. After failing in qualifying for the First Strike main event in November, rodeN and his friends joined the French organization, DfuseTeam.

The players continued to gather more trophies by winning some C-tier tournaments in their new home, and the biggest accomplishment just came last weekend. DfuseTeam surpassed European powerhouse G2 Esports in VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers 3 and qualified for Masters 1.

On March 7, the organization shared a statement through Twitter, saying that they encountered some important administrative issues and made strategic mistakes. “Staff and players did a fantastic job, and they continue to work hard daily despite these issues,” said the team’s CEO. “I didn’t manage to find solutions. That’s why I decided to allow our players to find another home that will be more convenient and more professional, because they deserve it.”

We’re going to see at the end of March which organization will pick up one of the best rosters in the market.

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