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VALORANT’s 16th Agent Astra is Accidentally Leaked

VALORANT’s officials have been teasing the upcoming agent through their official channels for the last couple of days, recently sharing fan art alongside her hand. With every tease comes a leak, and the abilities of VALORANT’s 16th agent were accidentally leaked by VALORANT Russia. The new agent is called “Astra.”

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

As the developers of VALORANT announced in previous months they plan to introduce a new agent with every new act. VALORANT will meet its 16th agent soon, since there is a little time until the end of Episode 2 Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2. We already knew the new agent will be a controller, thanks to the information the developers gave earlier this month.

The leaked video clip is the further evidence. Astro, the upcoming agent, welcomes us at the start of the clip with her cosmic looking and shining eyes. Even though further details of her abilities aren’t shown in the video, we can see that Astra has access to three different skills that are controlled remotely.

  • The first ability allows her to select a smoke location, which Astra can activate remotely.
  • The second ability works in the same way, but this time stuns opponents.
  • The third ability finds Astra placing something in the ground that pulls enemies towards itself. It’s unknown if it affects the teammates as well. It is also activated remotely.
  • Finally, Astra creates a massive purple wall similar to Phoenix’s, which players can’t shoot or see through. However, it seems abilities can pass through it.

Astra will be released with the start of Episode 2 Act 2, which is expected to be launched on March 2. When the official reveal comes, every detail of the 16th agent will be clear. Until then, this is what we know for now.

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