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Valorant Star gMd Discusses New Coach and Gen.G’s Dream Roster

It feels like during the past year, Gen.G has straddled the line between good and elite, never quite finding a way to break through. However, the team came into the first Valorant Masters with a new, reinvigorated look. The roster’s ever-underutilized talent is finally being unlocked. 

Valorant Star gMd Discusses New Coach and Gen.G’s Dream Roster 4

Syft spoke to star player and in-game leader Anthony “gMd” Guimond about Gen.G’s transformation and how it managed to run its way through the lower bracket, squeezing out a third place finish after losing so early in Round One. 

Deciphering Tells

Courtesy of HLTV

“mCe, our coach, has been helpful to our preparation. But, for us, we try to watch the game and then we can [figure out] tells,” gMd told Syft. 

“Let’s say that they run a setup with the same jam every time or same util, then we try to know what’s going on. But other than that we don’t try to counter-strat anyone. We play our game, try to see if we can grab some tells here or there.” 

gMd explained that although preparation has been an important factor in their rise, Gen.G really likes playing its own game; reading the opponent and coming up with adjustments on the fly. So while new head coach Matthew “mCe” Elmore has done wonders for the team in terms of pre-game prep, at the end of the day, the onus is on the players to perform. 

“I think we’ve been preparing quite well with mCe as a coach, but sometimes we don’t show up ourselves.” 

An Objective Voice

Courtesy of Gen.G

“He’s been, kind of, a different voice,” the IGL said of his new coach. gMd has long been the leading voice of his team, and while his leadership has been fruitful for Gen.G, having mCe come in with a new perspective has reinvigorated the talented roster. 

“He helps with being objective. He’ll be like, ‘Okay we went B that round, but we lost, not because we went B, but because we missed shots. So that has been very helpful for me, him being objective.”

mCe’s fresh voice has ultimately made gMd’s life as IGL much easier. Instead of spending as much time on preparation, gMd now has the freedom to work on other areas of the game. But Gen.G’s rapid improvement is not the result of any one person: everyone on the team gives input. 

“At the end of the day, I am the IGL for this team, but at the same time, we all have our own ideas. Even if I have a call I want to make but we have different information from koosta or Shawn, then we can adapt to that.”

The Dream Roster

“We trust ourselves a lot more than we used to. This is the dream roster, we wouldn’t make any changes or anything.”

“It’s helpful when you trust your teammates, and when you know that if I die, it’s okay, koosta or Shawn will have my back, and I can trust every single one of them.” 

The rapid improvement of this immensely talented roster has given the team confidence to go for the big plays and make the decisive calls. The more they succeed, the more confident they’ll be. 

“Having a more solid roster and having more results, builds confidence, and now we play with more confidence, and it shows. Everyone has big rounds, everyone plays well and I think having confidence in our teammates, confidence in our preparation… this is all a good mix that has made us better as players.” 

With confidence behind them, Gen.G’s dream roster will enter Stage Two of the Valorant Champions Tour as a top team in North America, and a potential favorite to secure a spot in Masters 2 in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

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