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Valorant SENTINELS & Ex-OW Player ‘sinatraa’ Accused Of Sexual Assault By Ex-Girlfriend

sinatraa 1 1
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The 2019 T-Mobile Overwatch League MVP Award winner and current Valorant SENTINELS player Jay “sinatraa” Won has been accused of sexual and mental abuse by his ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez. She gives a graphic and detailed description of the abuses she had to go through at Won’s hands.

Cleo released a 9-page statement narrating what it was like for her to be in a relationship with Won, which lasted 9 months. In the statement, she claims Won:

  • Was sexually abusive and would not care for her consent.
  • Refused to wear a condom and did not bother with the physical pain he would cause her after she implanted an IUD for his sake
  • Manipulated her to have sex with him even when she didn’t want to
  • Emotionally manipulated her throughout their relationship, constantly keeping tabs on her location and accusing her of cheating on a whim
  • Constantly threatened to break up with her

Cleo recounts countless times when Won would be insecure about their relationship, calling her a cheater, throwing fits, tracking her location, guilt-tripping her for not giving in to his demands of sex, and just straight-up not listening to ‘no’ for an answer in sex. All this had happened over the course of a nine-month relationship.

Cleo mentioned that she had to get an IUD because ‘he refused to use a condom.’

“The first time we ever slept together I told him that I wasn’t on birth control and he could not finish in me. He did it anyways, without my consent,” she said. Cleo mentioned multiple times that sinatraa would not listen to her saying ‘no’ during sex and wouldn’t stop. “If he stopped it wouldn’t be without a guilt trip… He knew it hurt badly enough for me to go to the doctor and still disregarded my pain.”

Cleo mentioned that she constantly had to come up with excuses to not have sex with him. “Saying no to sex was not an option for me whatsoever. If he tried to start something and I said I didn’t want to, he would pout and say it was because I thought he was ugly, I wanted someone else, I didn’t love him.” She also mentioned that saying ‘I don’t want to right now’ or ‘it hurts me’ in sex was “not good enough… he’d just push himself on me anyways.”

Cleo also posted an audio clip in her statement where she can be heard saying ‘I’m tired’ and ‘No!… I don’t wanna,’ and, allegedly, Won can be heard saying ‘No. More,’ and ‘I’m close.

Besides the blatant disregard for her consent, Cleo posted screenshots of Won’s behavior. In an incident after the Shocks lost to Outlaws, Cleo claims that Won behaved childishly and abusively to a mere Tweet she had made saying ‘Good for Outlaws for learning how to not play goats.’

sinatraa 2
Courtesy of Cleo

Cleo posted other screenshots of her conversation with Won’s friends where they admit that ‘Jay refuses to back down even if he’s not in the right.’ She further added that this was not the entirety of what she had to endure in the nine months. “If I included everything, this document would be over 15 pages long.”

Cleo had to go through therapy to deal with the mental damage she has been dealt. “I’ve called sexual assault survivor hotlines countless times. Talked in anonymous groups for women who’ve been assaulted. Spent over a year of my life in therapy to heal myself and get back what he took from me.”

This is yet another incident of women opening about the prevalent and ongoing abuse in the esports industry which is often buried by big names owing to their fame and power. Both the Overwatch and Valorant communities are grief-struck that a player of sinatraa’s prominence seems to have used his power and influence to put a woman through hell and worse.
Won is yet to make a statement about any of the allegations. In the meantime, Riot Games and team Sentinels has suspended sinatraa while launching an investigation into the allegations against him. You can read Cleo’s full statement here.

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