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VALORANT Players Discover New Killjoy Bug in Bind

Everytime a bug or a glitch occurs in VALORANT, Killjoy or Omen have been playing the leading roles in it. There are some problems with those agents’ codes for sure, because players always meet a new bug, and it looks like Riot Games hasn’t been able to fix this issue completely. VALORANT’s Episode 2 update arrived on Jan. 12, and users found out a new Killjoy bug.

Valorant Bugs 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The new bug has been discovered and published by reddit user “marckooooo” on the website. This bug allows Killjoy to open the teleporter’s doors which are in Bind, from outside with her alarm bot. Normally, the doors can be opened from inside only, and players are able to hide in the teleporter.

The teleporter in Bind provides multiple strategies for teams to hold their opponents or take over the sites and plant the spike. It can be used early in a round to force the opposite side to change their strategies. However, in-game bugs like this help players punish their rivals who use the teleporter to hide in it.

Since there wasn’t an update regarding this change in the latest patch’s notes, it’s clear this is one of Killjoy’s glitches. Previously, players had experienced the same thing with Cypher’s spycam which was able to open the teleporter from outside, but Riot fixed it immediately.

Killjoy Bug
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Killjoy had caused big trouble to the developers with her turret in the previous patch as she was able to use her turret under the surface of Haven and damage enemies with it while being undetectable.

Hopefully, Riot solves this one faster, because I’m trying to climb up in ranked mode this season. Thank you.

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