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VALORANT Officially Revealed Yoru with a Brand New Cinematic

While there are only two days left for Episode 2 of VALORANT, Riot Games revealed some new changes. VALORANT’s 14th agent Yoru, who was leaked in the beginning of January, has been unveiled officially. The company published a brand-new cinematic to celebrate the launch of Episode 2, and they gave a first-look to the upcoming agent.

Courtesy of Riot Games

In the 3-minute-long video, Phoenix and Yoru develop a strategy to defuse the spike planted by Cypher, Viper and Jett in a map similar to Icebox. However, the selfish boy of the scene, Phoenix, refuses the plan and decides to try to 1v3, like all Phoenix mains in the game. Despite having high self-confidence, what you need is a teammate in VALORANT. Yoru pops off to help his ally and defuses the spike thanks to his tricky abilities.

Yoru’s going to be the fifth duelist of VALORANT, so finally you can compete as five duelists in a ranked game and get destroyed by the enemy team. Jokes aside, Yoru looks different because of his unusual abilities. Teleporting and having flashes aren’t new skills for VALORANT players, but his fake steps and invisibility ensure that Yoru’s built differently. You can find all the skills of the new agent below.

  • Fakeout (C) 

Yoru drops a footmark on the ground. This mark can be sent forward and makes the footsteps noise when it progresses.

  • Blindside (Q)

Yoru equips an unstable dimensional fragment from reality and throws it. The fragment bounces once after hitting somewhere and explodes to make everything blind.

  • Gatecrash (E)

Yoru places or sends forward a rift which can be destroyed by opponents. He can also teleport to the rift’s location after activating it.

  • Dimensional Drift (X) (Ultimate)

Yoru enters a different dimension and becomes invisible while gaining movement speed. Enemies who aren’t in the same dimension can’t see Yoru, but if Yoru gets too close to a rival, he can be detected.

The 14th agent of VALORANT will be available with the start of Episode 2, which is on January 12th.

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