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VALORANT Needs Serious Alterations

VALORANT has been changing constantly, and there are a lot of differences between the closed beta stage of the game and now. However, some crucial points which decrease the quality of the title still remain unchanged, and this isn’t great for VALORANT’s future. Such an article has been in my mind for a long time, but I wanted to wait until the start of Episode 2 to write it down, just in case a few might’ve changed. Well, nothing changed, so here we go.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Running Accuracy

Let’s start with the explanation of this term: running accuracy defines bullets’ accuracy of your weapon while walking/running, and its level is low in any other tactical shooter game, as it should be. If you’ve played CS:GO or similar titles, you must’ve figured out easily that shooting your enemies while running is nearly impossible. However, this mechanic is slightly different in VALORANT, and it causes multiple problems like restricting the skill gap between players. 

Seeing an opponent is able to hunt you down with full speed while you’re crouching and trying to hold the spray of the gun is frustrating and meaningless. The accuracy is way too high, and this is hard to fight against because of the nature of VALORANT. IT HAS TO BE CHANGED. There aren’t any other solutions except fixing this immediately. Being lucky at aiming shouldn’t be a thing, and it has no place in FPS games. 

Ranked Mode

Oh boy. This is the common problem of all competitive gamers and games I believe. However, it doesn’t mean that this problem isn’t fixable. The ranked mode in VALORANT feels like a flip coin to me. If you’re lucky, it doesn’t matter whatever you do during the game, you’re going to win at the end because your teammates are better than your opponents, but what if you’re in bad luck that day? Every time I start a day with hopes of climbing the ladder, either I have the four best or worst teammates in the game; there isn’t a middle ground, and this is nothing but silly. Matchmaking is one of the common issues of Riot Games’ titles. I quit playing League of Legends just because of that, and don’t want the same thing to happen in VALORANT as well.

Valorant Ranked Mode
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Communication is a must to get a victory in every team-based game. However, I feel like I’m playing charades sometimes in VALORANT. Trying to compete against five players while your teammates have zero communication might be hard. Whatever they do, Riot needs to solve this. Hear me out authorities: we don’t need new Gunbuddies, we need decent adjustments.

Bug Fixes/Server Crashes

I don’t remember the last time I played a game without a bug or glitch. They became parts of our lives, and I don’t like this. I think we’ve been giving too much credit to billionaire companies, especially when they don’t do things they are supposed to do. With every new patch, new bugs pop-off in the game, and players have to deal with these while waiting for hotfixes. This needs to stop. Stop acting like you care for the players and start to really care. You know who I’m talking to.

Bug Fixes
Photo courtesy of Reddit

Server Stability

Have you ever experienced an amazing server performance in one game and a completely shit one in the next? I have, and I don’t think it’s only me. The map, teammates, opponents, and everything else changes for each match. The only thing still remaining is yourself, but in VALORANT, even it feels like you’re changing too. It’s well-known the FPS title had some server issues in the beginning of the launch, and I don’t think the situation is fixed completely. 

Thank you for reading my thoughts about the things which should be changed in VALORANT. If you have more ideas, please comment below!

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