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Valorant Europe’s No. 1-Ranked Player NisaY Banned Due to Cheating

Valorant’s competitive scene is shocked with another cheating scandal. The No. 1 player on the European leaderboard, NisaY, has been banned by Riot Games due to cheating in a ranked match. The prohibition’s length is 12 months.

NisaY Ban 1 1
Photo courtesy of Beşiktaş Esports

Valorant’s Turkish community has been busy for a couple of days. Earlier this week, NisaY was deleted from the leaderboard and dropped to Immortal from Rank 1 of Radiant. After that, people started questioning the reason behind this incident; NisaY made a statement in which he said that he still has access to his account and doesn’t know the reason. 

Multiple professional players and streamers accused NisaY of cheating during First Strike: Turkey and the ranked games. Even though the accusations were assertive, no official actions weren’t taken until today. Valorant Champions Tour Turkey has made an announcement that Yasin “NisaY” Gök has been banned for cheating in a ranked match and removed from official Riot Games organizations for 12 months.

NisaY’s explanation was immediate, denying all the allegations and saying that Riot Games Turkey has made this decision because of the pressure from the community. He said, “If they caught me while cheating the ban wouldn’t be for 12 months, it should be permanent.” The majority of Turkish community is sharing the same idea: his prohibition has to be permanent.

NisaY is a former CS:GO player and he started his career with 5NOOBS, which was a mixed Turkish team. After the success of being qualified for First Strike: Turkey’s main event, the team was acquired by one of the biggest sports clubs in Turkey, Beşiktaş Esports. However, NisaY couldn’t keep his great performance in the main event and got eliminated in the first round.

Beşiktaş has terminated NisaY’s contract following the ban incident.

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