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VALORANT Devs Reveal the Ranked Changes of Episode 2

The new episode of VALORANT is around the corner, and every day we get close to it, new alterations become clear. The developers of the game have revealed some changes, which will affect the ranked mode, at VALORANT Episode 2 Developer Livestream.

Valorant Episode 2 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Starting tomorrow, the progress in the ranked will be more clear as there will be a new system. In the new system, which is called “Rank Rating,” players have to collect 100 points to rank up, like in League of Legends. However, there won’t be any promotion series; as soon as you reach up to 100 points, you will rank up. If you lose a game after hitting 0 Rating Point, you’ll be deranked.

The other big changes are more about higher elos. Riot Games had announced the leaderboard system for Episode 2, and it will be available tomorrow. With the new patch, players who are in Immortal or higher elos can only queue as Solo/Duo. Besides, Immortal rank will contain the top 1% player after the new season’s start.

Being specific for each region, the leaderboard is going to be shown at the end of each act and it will be possible to see where you finished the season, the users in your friend list can also see your standing by checking out your career tab.

Radiant rank also will be affected from the alterations. With Episode 2’s start, only the top 500 players can compete in Radiant elo.

As a reminder, Episode 2 of VALORANT will kick off Tuesday, Jan. 12 with the release of the new agent, Yoru.

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