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VALORANT Agent Guide: Sova

Greetings everyone, here’s the new entry of the VALORANT Agent Guide Series. We’re going to investigate the one and only archer of the scene, Sova. I must say right away that this gentleman with white hair is an expert on data collecting. Sova! What do your elf eyes see?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sova is an agent with very effective information-gathering skills which give him the location of the enemies. His signature skill the drone alerts his teammates long before the opponent’s action is possible so every member of the team can take the right position. But, not everything is flawless for Sova. Mobility is the biggest deficiency of the archer since he must stand still while using all the abilities, and that puts him in a huge disadvantage in 1v1 situations.

If you’re playing VALORANT as 5-stacks with decent communication, Sova is a blessing for your team. However, a solo player might feel useless and get bored while playing with him because of the play styles in solo queue.

Using a bow and arrow in a FPS game might look good, but I must point out that Sova is the hardest agent to play with full potential. It requires a lot of practice to learn the certain usage of his abilities. On the other hand, it’s still super fun to play with him even though you have no idea what’s going on.

  • Owl Drone (C)  (300 Credits)

Sova sends out a drone controlled by himself that can fire a marking dart which periodically reveals the enemy location.

How Should You Use It?

  1. The most crucial point you should know while using an Owl Drone is that you stand still during the control. Activating the drone in an unsecured position will cost you your life.
  2. The drone’s duration is actually pretty long. Even though enemies hide far from you, you’ll probably be able to find them.
  3. Since it’s one of the most expensive abilities in the game, activating it in the beginning of a round will be a waste of money. 
  4. In 1v1 situations, being able to mark your opponent with the drone is a huge advantage. If you manage to hit him/her with the dart, hunting the enemy down with the ultimate from long distance will be much easier.
  5. Owl Drone is a quite distracting element in the game, and it’s up to you to take advantage of the ability by using it as a bait. Send it in front of your teammates; while the enemies focus on destroying Owl Drone, your allies can catch them off guard.
  • Shock Dart (Q) (200 Credits)

Sova throws a shock arrow that damages where it lands. Shock Darts can be bounced a maximum of two times and can be purchased two times in a single round.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Shock Dart’s damage decreases the further away from center, so it must be used consciously.
  2. As I said above, mobility is the biggest disadvantage of Sova, and he has to stand still while utilising the abilities like Shock Dart. After deciding to activate it, you better find a safe spot to do that.
  3. When you hear the enemies run towards you, Shock Dart is one of the best weapons to cut their rushing. Throw it at their running path and give the opponent a serious amount of harm.
  4. Checking the corners is the best thing that Shock Darts do, and their capability of bouncing makes this painless.
  5. You can hamper the opponents’ Spike planting by using Sova’s power of lightning.
  • Recon Bolt (E) (Free)

This the free signature skill of our agent, which can be used more than once when its cooldown is over. Sova shoots an arrow that reveals the enemies’ location; this arrow sticks where it lands and can be destroyed by the adversaries. Until It’s broken, Recon Bolt sends the radar signals a maximum of three times.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Recon Bolt comes first among the abilities that can gather information in the game. This bolt which gets the all data of the rivals if it’s been utilized well doubles its value by being used from a long range.
  2. In the beginning of a round or in the middle of a round, feel free to use Recon Bolt whenever you want. Even though no one is there, you’ll have the knowledge it provides.
  3. Having good communication is a must in VALORANT because good communication will get the most benefit from your team’s different skills. When the bolt’s been used, your opponent has to destroy it to avoid himself from being revealed. If you have that communication in a situation like this, your teammate can punish the enemy while he’s looking at the bolt.
  • Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate)

Sova equips a bow with three long-range, wall-piercing energy blasts. Fire to release a blast, deal damage. and reveal the location of enemies caught in the line.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Because this ability has a long charge time, adversaries can run away from it, so it’s better to use the ultimate in tight places.
  2. You can activate Hunter’s Fury to protect a site from the opponents’ invasion.
  3. If you reveal someone’s position with the drone, you can use the ultimate to hunt him down.
  4. It’s hard to plant the Spike for the rivals when you have enough orbs to activate Hunter’s Fury. If you hear the noise of planting, activate the ultimate and catch the planter off-guard.
  5. Using the ulti off-vision is the best usage because it takes so much time to fire it, and Sova stands still while doing it.

Sova’s the first and only VALORANT archer, and playing him comes with a lot of up- and downsides. We’ve gotten to the end of the entry and I’ve done my best to represent him for you precious readers, but the choice to pick up this tricky hunter is up to you. See you in the next guide!

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