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VALORANT Agent Guide: Sage

Welcome to the fourth episode of the VALORANT Agent Guide Series. Let’s take a look at the agent every beginner should know: Sage!

Valorant Sage
VALORANT Agent Guide: Sage 2

Sage is one of two agents with the heal ability, giving her a special place in the game. However, after receiving repetitive nerfs, losing her top spot in the tier list was inevitable. Although Riot made her weaker, Sage can, and should, be used in in team compositions due to her incredible crowd control abilities. Let’s take a look them.

  •   Slow Orb (Q) (100 Credits)

Sage’s slow orbs cover an area in a slowing effect, giving off sound cues whenever someone tries to run, walk, or jump within it. Costing only 100 credits with a 2 limit ability per round, Sage’s Slow orb is the cheapest skill she has access to. This ability gives Sage the capability to provide her teammates with incredible ground and field control.

How Should You Use It?

There are many ways to use the Slow orb. However, they all serve one purpose: Ruining the enemy team’s plans.

1.   When defending a site, and enemies rush it, using your slow orb will slow them down, forcing the other team to rethink their strategy. If they choose to run towards you, you will have an advantage against slowed enemies, or a chance to hide and buy time to rotate for your teammates.

2.   Slow orb can be extremely effective when checking corners. If an enemy is present, they have two options: move and give you vital information or stand, giving you the upper hand when peeking a stationary enemy who can’t strafe effectively.

3.   After successfully planting the spike, the Slow Orb can give you the edge for winning the round. With a limited time to defuse the bomb, enemies have to be swift when trying to retake the site. Slow orbs do the exact opposite by wasting the enemies’ time. Being the master of delaying the enemies, Sage can slow one point of entry, and focus more energy on other enemy attacks, making her extremely useful in defending the planted spike.

  • Barrier Orb (C) (300 Credits)

Sage uses the Barrier Orb to create a large-long ice barrier. Unless shot at, it remains unbroken for a designed time, which can also ruin opponents’ plans and force them to redesign their strategy. In the latest nerf, the Barrier Orb received some wounds. Currently, it has 400 health upon creation, and increases to 800 if unbroken for three seconds or more.

How Should You Use It?

  1.  The Barrier Orb’s usage is primarily defensive. What makes it so powerful is it blocks a path for an extended period of time. If competitors desire to pass over it, they have to attack the wall or wait for the melt, which takes 20-30 seconds.
  2.  You can use the wall offensively. Here a tip to make you a better Sage player: It’s possible to boost yourself up on the wall and walk on it. Doing that will give you a chance to surprise the opponents and dodge their abilities. You’ll also have a better scope of the field, since you’ll be on higher ground.
  3. What if the enemy team uses Sage’s wall? Keep in mind that you have the same ability! Call your teammates alongside, and boost yourself up on your own barrier to scale the enemy’s.
  4. Using the wall as a one-way is not common, but does return profit. Though you can’t use it in every spot, using it when you can is a great way to hunt down enemies down, since they will not have vision of you.
  •  Healing Orb (E) (Free)

This characteristic ability is free and is unmatched by other players accept another Sage. Sage has access to Healing Orb at the beginning of every round, and it can be reused after a cooldown. The orb regenerates 60 health for everyone, taking effect in 5 seconds for her teammates and 10 seconds for herself. This is one of two abilities that heal your team.

How Should You Use It?

  1. There aren’t many uses for the Healing Orb, but there is a lot of strategy behind it. The design of the ability lends itself well to strategic diversity, which makes it all the more powerful.
  2. Scoring a fast frag is made easier with the Healing Orb. If you lose some of your health while attempting it, you can heal yourself.
  3. Remember, Sage is a support player. Show some love to your teammates and dress their wounds.
  • Resurrection (X) (Ultimate)

Having Resurrection as an ultimate makes is what makes sage Sage a valuable agent. The ultimate allows sage to revive someone with full health but no armor. However, there are a couple of things that you need to be careful when using the ultimate, such as where and when to use it.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Resurrecting a teammate both saves you from a disadvantage, and makes your enemies insecure.
  2. You can also get an easy frag, using your teammates as bait. The ultimate makes a sound whenever it is used, and the person who is just revived will be vulnerable for a while. Your enemies will hear that sound and want to hunt your teammate in that time.
  3. One of the crucial points in VALORANT is team economy. There will inevitably be a situation where your team has barely enough money to buy anything, including guns. Sage’s ultimate can be used to ensure the weapons your teammates do have will be protected for a short time.

VALORANT agent guides will keep coming. Don’t forget to write in the comments what you want to see in the guides! Until next time, stay healthy!

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