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Valorant Agent Guide: Killjoy

Long time no see, my friends. The Valorant Agent Guide has finally returned from its long-term holiday, and I can’t wait to share some details of Valorant’s agent. In honor of the return, we’re hosting the German scientist on the scene, Killjoy.

Valorant Agent Guide: Killjoy 2

The 12th agent of the game, Killjoy caused a lot of arguments before she was even released because of her Turret. Valorant had two sentinels, Cypher and Sage, until that time, but Killjoy easily dominated the agent pick screen as soon as she stepped in. With an Alarmbot, a molotov-ish ability and a Turret alongside an ulti which controls a large area, Killjoy became essential for every team until the latest nerf, which decreased the active range of the Alarmbot and Turret.

Even though she got nerfed, Killjoy still provides a serious amount of field control for her team, and it’s the most critical thing for a sentinel. Let’s dig into her abilities, then I’m going to share my own experiences of what to do and what not to do.

  • Alarmbot (Q) (200 Credits)

Killjoy puts an alarm bot on the ground which triggers and explodes when an enemy enters in its control range. It can be destroyed and seen within a close range by opponents, but if it manages to explode before being crushed, it reduces enemies’ defences. 

How Should You Use It?

  1. As a sentinel, Killjoy’s priority is providing large area control for her team, and Alarmbot plays a huge role. Putting it in a location you’re not holding is the most preferred usage
  2. There will be several scenarios where you’ll hold a site all alone when playing Killjoy. In a situation like this, using Alarmbot a little bit forward would be ideal to give your teammates early information.
  3. Not all utilizations are defensive, of course. Killjoy’s tiny alarm bot leads a small amount of chaos when it triggers towards an enemy. You can peek and catch your opponents off-guard while they’re trying to destroy your bot.
  4. It’s your job to hold flankers in offense, and it’s an easy task to complete when you have an ability such as Alarmbot. Put it to a way that rivals could flank, and attack to the site without worrying about flankers.
  5. After the latest nerf, Alarmbot has a certain active range. So, you must carefully arrange the location for placing it.
  6. Recalling Alarmbot during a round is possible. When you want to change its location, recall it and place it again after a short time of duration.
  • Nanoswarm (C)  (200 Credits)

Killjoy equips and throws a grenade which is activated remotely. When it is activated, it creates a pool that damages everyone who stands above it. Nanoswarm can be purchased up to two times in a round and can be used before a round starts.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Nanoswarm is a molotov we are used to seeing in basically every FPS game. The biggest difference between this and other grenades is its being able to be triggered from afar.
  2. It is seen by rivals when they come close. Since Nanoswarm has a structure that can be destroyed, you should use it before it disappears.
  3. You can delay opponents’ Spike planting by activating Nanoswarms which you’ve placed during pre-round.
  4. Killjoy’s Turret and Nanoswarm have a beautiful harmony between them. Since the Turret slows down rivals it shoots, harming slowed-down opponents is easier for Nanoswarm. You can place your Turret on the corners of the map and Nanoswarm in the location which adversaries will pass.
  5. Checking corners with Nanoswarm is another way to benefit from the ability.
  • Turret (E) (Signature Skill – Free)

Turret is the signature skill of Killjoy and, as such, is free and renewed every round. Killjoy places a turret which shoots when it sees an enemy. It can be annihilated by opponents and recalled during a round. If it gets destroyed, Killjoy can reuse it after thirty seconds of cooldown. Besides, Turret has an active range such as Alarmbot.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Don’t be fooled by its name: it hits for just 11 damage with each shot, so don’t expect to kill someone with it. More important than its damage output is its feature of slowing people down, which can be a game-changer.
  2. Like the Alarmbot, Turret is usually used for field control both in defence and offence. In defence, you can place it on opposite sides of Alarmbot and guard two different sides without checking it with your cross.
  3. Killjoy mains love to use Turret as bait. They put it right in the corner, and when Turret triggers, they come out of the corner and hunt people easily.
  4. If you suspect that someone is waiting for you behind a wall, use the Turret without showing yourself and let it peek for you.
  5. Similar to Alarmbot, Turret could also hold flankers while teammates are attacking, but as I mentioned above, it has an active range, so be aware of it. You don’t want somebody to slip out from it.
  • Lockdown (X) (Ultimate)

Killjoy deploys a device which can be crashed. The device counts down ten seconds. When the countdown ends, opponents in its radius are detained by Lockdown. 

How Should You Use It?

  1. Lockdown is one of the most important ultimates in the game, as it’s able to clear a whole site by itself. Opponents only have two options when you activate Lockdown: Either they’ll run or push towards you to annihilate it. 
  2. Be careful where you’re going to put your ultimate. As walls are so thin in Valorant, people might extinguish it through a wall without an extra effort. Also, Lockdown takes damage by agents’ abilities such as Sova’s ulti and Raze’s bombs.
  3. Timing is a crucial thing when it comes to usage of Lockdown. Using it too early or too late grants you nothing but gloom.
  4. In attack, Lockdown can turn into a faking tool. If your team decided to take over A site, activate the ultimate in front of B after making some noise and draw enemies’ attention onto you.

Final Words

I know that playing sentinels might be boring sometimes, but a decent Killjoy player could bring a victory for her team. With the chaos she creates alongside the map control she provides, Killjoy is a troublemaker. However, you need to comprehend first that taking entry frags or entering duels is not among your foremost responsibilities. Your first job as a Killjoy player is to gather information and ruin enemies’ plans in defence, ensuring that your teammates are safe in attack.

The Valorant Agent Guide is back after a long break, and I’ll continue to present it to you with new chapters regularly. Until next time, stay healthy.

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