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Valorant Agent Guide: KAY/O

Valorant players are familiar with novelty. They face countless alterations and are obligated to adapt to them. However, none of those changes were as big as Patch 3.0. The latest update reshaped the structure of the game and brought a brand new agent: KAY/O.

KAY/O is the new face of initiators in Valorant. Besides being a robot, having access to a suppression ability sets it apart from the other agents and that’s not all. The machine secures its spot in the meta with the flashbangs and the grenade that it carries in its pocket. I haven’t even mentioned KAY/O’s ultimate: it’s the icing on the cake.

Using KAY/O looks easy on paper, but it’s actually quite complicated, which you will notice after playing a few games. In this article, I’ll be your wingman in the journey of understanding KAY/O correctly. Let’s begin.


  • Frag/Ment (C) – 200 Credits

KAY/O equips a fragment and throws it on the ground. The fragment explodes multiple times as soon as it sticks on the floor and damages everyone in the circle. The damage decreases from the center to the


How Should You Use It?

  1. Frag/Ment deals serious damage to enemies, especially when they stand on the center of it. Nobody can take the risk of passing through it by walking, which makes the grenade so useful to stop incoming attacks from a tiny corridor. 
  2. Maps in Valorant contain a lot of corners. Frag/Ment helps you in checking those to see if somebody is there.
  3. Correctly used Frag/Ment can prevent enemies from defusing the Spike. With a ton of damage and a large area, the grenade gives a postplant power to KAY/O.
  4. If you learn lineups of the ability, you can force opponents to change their positions by throwing the grenade from far away.
  5. KAY/O’s grenade deals less damage to the owner. You can benefit from it in certain scenarios. When there is a grenade of your own on the floor, venture taking some damage and peek enemies by passing it. Most players don’t expect that kind of play.
  • Flash/Drive (Q) – 250 Credits.

KAY/O equips a flash grenade which has two different usages. Right-clicking the flashbang throws it and makes it explode in one second while left-clicking causes it to detonate in 1.6 seconds. The grenade blinds everyone affected by it and can be purchased up to two times in around.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Flash/Drive is a basic flashbang if you have any experience in other FPS games. Throw it, make enemies blind and secure kills.
  2. Similar to CS:GO’s flashbang, you can pop flash the Flash/Drive, which gives you an opportunity to peek enemies by yourself. Having a short duration to explode makes the right clicking hard to dodge.
  3. You got flashbangs which is the easiest way to prepare plays for the teammates. Be the active voice in the team, call your flashes and help your friends take easy kills.
  4. Right click of Flash/Drive is great to push through smokes or from corners. You need to get used to utilizing it for the right timing, but still it’s deadly and unexpected.
  • Zero/Point (E) – Free

Zero/Point is the signature ability of KAY/O and it brought a new mechanic to the game. KAY/O throws a blade that sticks to the first structure it hits, suppressing everyone in the radius of it. 

How Should You Use It

  1. Zero/Point is completely new for the game, and I must say, it’s OP. Disabling opponents’ abilities forces them to trust in their aim skills for a while.
  2. The blade is destroyable, but luckily it also affects the behind of the structure it sticks even if enemies are out of sight. I suggest you use it wherever your rivals can’t see.
  3. Thanks to the thoughtful developers of Valorant, Zero/Point gives information about the agents it suppressed. You can use it to see whoever is there.
  4. The blade only works on agents, so you have to suppress the rivals to disable their abilities. Don’t throw the Zero/Point to Killjoy’s mollies or Viper’s Snake Bite.
  5. No Karen, you can’t use the blade to stop spike defusing.
  6. Zero/Point is a real headache for sentinels, especially. If you suppress a sentinel who holds the bombsite, they have nothing left to hold you except challenging with the gun.
  • Null/Cmd (Ultimate) – 7 Points

This is the best ultimate in the game. KAY/O overloads with polarized radiant energy, which strengthens it and causes large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies that are affected by this energy are suppressed for a short time. KAY/O also gains combat stim during its ultimate, and if it gets downed, it can be revived by its teammates.

How Should You Use It

  1. It’s a powerful ultimate that can provide a free entry into a bombsite for your team. The pulses it emits affect enemies even though they are out of sight, which makes it impossible to hide for them.
  2. Similar to Phoenix’s ultimate, you can use Null/Cmd to gather info about opponents’ position. However, you need to be on the same page with your teammates, so they can revive you after you are down.

Playing Valorant without abilities is hard, nearly impossible. KAY/O’s ultimate forces the enemies to play in this way for a while. Activate the ultimate when the opposite team attacks the site and forces them to take control of the bombsite without abilities. It’s hard, believe me.

Last Words

Despite being an initiator, KAY/O’s role in a team is quite complicated, especially for solo queue games. The robot offers so much for its team, but it needs decent communication, which is tough to find in ranked games. Getting used to not flashing your teammates and cleverly utilizing the abilities takes time, and it’s harder than you think. You can find yourself peeking unnecessarily from corners with your flashes. Be smart, don’t do it. My last piece of advice about KAY/O is to be flexible. Sometimes, you’ll have a team of which you should be the support player of and sometimes you have to take charge in the team. Playing KAY/O is fun: give it a try!

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