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VALORANT Agent Guide: Jett

Today we host the daughter of the wind, Jett. This daring duelist girl is known for fidgeting, flying, running away and, most importantly, hunting enemies off-hand.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Jett is the most mobile agent in VALORANT. With two displacement abilities, she takes advantage of her speed by moving quickly and creating opportunities. Though she doesn’t offer many things to her team in terms of utilities, Jett helps allies by distracting enemies and making incredible individual plays.

Cloudburst (C)  – 100 Credits

Jett throws a smoke cloud that blocks sight with her hand. You can change the direction of the ability with your mouse after throwing it.

How Should You Use It?

  1. This ability might seem like a simple smoke skill, but it is of vital importance for Jett. What makes her different from other agents is having displacement utilities, and she can hide these utilities with Cloudburst.
  2. It’s also useful if you want to use it as a regular smoke bomb. In this way, you can slow opponents down and have a decent time to make some plays.
  3. Cloudburst can be purchased three times in a round. Since you have bursts to spare, a great option’s to build a smoke corridor and pass through it to surprise enemies.

Updraft (Q) – 100 Credits

Updraft boosts Jett in the air and can be purchased two times in a round. The Operator – Jett combo is a key element in VALORANT, and one of the reasons is Updraft. It helps you hold an angle from an unusual spot, which amazes the enemies. 

How Should You Use It?

  1. The most popular usage of Updraft is getting to high spots. From there, you’ll have a better sight and a chance to amaze rivals.
  2. It can be used consecutively to reach higher points than usual, which gives you an opportunity to learn adversaries’ positions from far away. Also, Updraft makes for a great combo with Blade Storm.
  3. Using Tailwind right after Updraft will distract opponents and make time for teammates to kill them.

Tailwind (E) (Free)

Basically, Tailwind is a dash ability, which is Jett’s signature. You can manage its direction via the movement keys. It can be used more than once in a round if she takes two kills.

How Should You Use It?

  1. Tailwind is the main element of Jett’s mobility. You can use it in the beginning of the round directly to catch enemies before they prepare.
  2. If you’re in a disadvantageous gunfight, Tailwind is the escaping ticket.
  3. You can easily pass over others’ abilities like Molotov, Viper’s Poison, etc.

Blade Storm (X) (Ultimate)

Jett equips five knives which can one-shot the opponent if one of them hits the head. With the mouse’s right-click, Jett fires all of the knives at the same time. Taking a kill with knives resets the number of them.

How Should You Use It?

  1. You can use your knives like a shotgun by getting closer to enemies.
  2. Making a Blade Storm combo with Updraft gives you an attacking option like no other.
  3. In the eco rounds, Blade Storm might earn you the round. But don’t forget to buy armor.
  4. Blade Storm is considered the most powerful skill in the game. Getting used to it takes time, but when you manage to understand how it works, you’ll be a deadly Jett player.

Jett is crucial for nearly every team composition thanks to her powerful attacking kit. However, as a VALORANT player there’s only one thing I would like to request from you: please don’t instapick her. Thank you.

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