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Valheim Surpassed 2 Million Sales in Two Weeks

If there was a list of the happiest people in February, Valheim’s developers would be at the top. Less than two weeks after its release, Valheim managed to sell two million copies on Steam, Iron Gate AB announced on the game’s Steam page on February 15.

Photo courtesy of Iron Gate AB

Just a week ago, Valheim celebrated 1 million sales of the game on its official Twitter account, and only five days later, the developer unveiled that the game hit two million. 

“Everyone at Iron Gate has really been appreciating all the messages, love, questions and thoughts from all of you, so please keep them coming.” The Iron Gate Team said. “And again, a big thank you to all of you for helping us reach this ridiculous milestone in under two weeks of sailing onto Early Access. We’re so excited to continue working with you all to reach Asgard together, and we’ll be sharing more soon on what’s next.”

Besides sales figures, Valheim also found success in the number of players on Steam and viewers on Twitch. Peaking 360,000 concurrent players last weekend, the game has had more than 130,000 concurrent viewers so far. 

Even though it’s still in early access, Valheim promises so much content for players. Crafting, building, surviving and battling: all these features have been mixed in such a good way in the Viking-inspired game that everyone finds something to busy themselves with, even players who aren’t fans of survival games.

Valheim is available for PC and can be purchased on Steam only. The developers unveiled that they have no plan for console versions currently, but they said there is still hope for the future.

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