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Valheim Now Has a VR Mod in Beta

Courtesy of Iron Gate Studio

The epic Viking-centric survival game Valheim has managed to become one of the biggest PC games in history by selling millions of copies a couple weeks after its launch. The game swiftly attained a dedicated fanbase, including people eager to mod the living hell out of it.

In its intended form, Valheim is confined to the third-person perspective. However, modder Brandon Mousseau has recently released a downloadable mod which gives players the ability to explore the mystical terrain of the game through the eyes of their Vikings in virtual reality. First-person mods for Valheim  were introduced as early as February 2021, but now, Mousseau’s Valheim VR has completely immersed us into the game. 

Valheim VR makes every in-game element accessible through PC VR headsets with full head tracking and floating menus. As of now, the mod doesn’t support motion controllers, so players will still require mouse-and-keyboard or gamepad set-ups in order to play the game. The retail version is still considered an early access title, so there are bound to be technical issues surrounding Valheim VR. Moving and looking around might cause some visual clipping through your body, and using shields may take up your entire line of sight. Even with these conditions in mind, Mousseau’s mod has garnered a lot of attention, and people are downloading Valheim VR in droves.

To get Valheim VR up and running, you’ll need to download the BepInEx pack,  which allows you to install custom code into the game. After downloading the BepInEx pack, you can then go to the Nexus Mods portal and download Valheim VR (labeled as VHVR). Make sure to follow the instructions found on the Nexus Mods VHVR page to ensure a safe download of the mod. Oh, and be sure that you’ve already downloaded the original game first.

From there? Happy looting and plundering, and I’ll see you in Valhalla.

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