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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Gamer in Your Life

In Na’vi, it is said as “Nga yawne lu oer.

In Dragon, “U’u ag fah hi.

Final Fantasy’s native Al Bhed? “E muja oui.”

For elves in Middle-Earth, “Gi melin.

 “I am Groot” … I’m sure you can guess that one.

There are thousands of ways to say it, both in real and fictitious languages, but they all mean the same thing: I love you.

Image courtesy of Pexels

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the season of candy hearts, decadent chocolates, candlelit dinners, and hand-written letters has entered the chat. However, there are those among us that prefer affection shown differently. Should your significant other be a lover of any and all things related to the video game universe, here are some fun game-themed gifts that may help you level up in the eyes of your main squeeze. 

15. Stress Candle

candle 1
Photo Courtesy of DirtyCandleCompany

We’ve all been there: fallen victim to a no scope and became the final kill in Nuketown; thrown an untimely interception with your franchise quarterback in the Super Bowl; or just attempted to seriously play Dark Souls, because how hard could it be? Well, when a rage quit seems imminent, sometimes a smile and a fresh scent is all you need. For the colorful gamer in your life, consider adding this to her or his game room.

Link here

14. Headphone stand

headphonestand 1
Photo Courtesy of Meow3DStore

Losing or breaking headphones happens more often than we would like. They’re drenched in that soda you spilled, sat on when hidden by your bed covers, dropped and busted in a collision with the floor; it happens. Setting up your partner with a headphone stand helps keep the equipment from having to be replaced when the next gift-giving holiday comes around. 

Link here 

13. Trading cards!

tradingcards 1

Whether your sweet is a furious competitor or a nostalgic collector, either way, this is a home-run gift. Cards are making a comeback in a yuge (like that?) way. It’s like the 90’s babies came to a collective realization that buying Pokemon cards in bulk was the cool thing to do all over again. So scan store shelves (good luck because they are selling like hot cakes) or order online for a gift your other half will love.

Link here

12. Gamer chip and dip

chipndip 1
Image courtesy of Kovot

When they’re putting in the hours, at some point they have to eat. And without a tank, there can be no fuel for energy. This nifty chip and dip bowl keeps the snacking organized and neat while keeping up with the gaming theme. C’mon, how cool is this?

Link here

11. Personalized Neon Light Name Sign

neonsign 1

There’s nothing like a little personalization to the gaming oasis. And just in case wandering guests aren’t sure if the bathroom was the last door on the left or right, give your other half naming rights to their gaming room so others know what’s up. They’ll surely appreciate having their name hung in the rafters so to speak.

Link here

10. Mask

maskgame 1
Photo Courtesy of BDR

Hey, it’s the sign of the times. Masks you buy in the impulse section at your local CVS can be about as aesthetically pleasing as a cement wall. If your companion is going to venture outside the place, let them add some flair to their safety precautions with this gaming-themed mask.

Link here

9. Gamer posters

posters 1

The room where the gaming happens should reflect the gamer-in-chief. Pay attention to what games they’re grinding on or have expressed interest in in the past and surprise them with wall art they can appreciate from their throne.

Link here

8. Xtra-PC® bypass drive

xtrapc 1
Image courtesy of Xtra-PC®

PC gamers understand the pains of slow operating systems. Quite frankly, it’s maddening. The addition of this fun-size, powerhouse flash drive allows users to bypass the lethargic OS they’re currently using and replaces it with an ultra-fast Linux system. For PC gamers, the hare is preferred to the tortoise.

Link here

7. Digital Game Store credits

credits 1
Image courtesy of Sony

That’s it. Game credits. You can’t miss with this.

Link here

6. Blue light blocker glasses

blueglass 1
Image Courtesy of K KENZHOU Store

It’s not a secret that extended periods of screen time is hard on the peepers. Hook up your love with a pair of these to reduce eyeball fatigue from all the pixel time. If they can’t see anything, how are they supposed to appreciate your new valentine’s day outfit? (wink, wink.)

Link here

5. Nintendo trivia

trivia 1

How well does your partner really know Nintendo fact from fiction? You can test their knowledge with this Nintendo trivia book loaded with over 500 questions. It’s great for game nights, upcoming trivia competitions, or just a tabletop book for when curiosity strikes. 

Link here

4. Cosplay costume

cosplay 1
Image courtesy of TVOvermind

If your preferred human is a fan of comic-cons and video game-style gathering, buying them new threads with their favorite game or character in mind won’t disappoint — especially if it’s something the two of you attend together.

Link here

3. SNES Classic

snes classic 1
Image Courtesy of Nintendo

For the retro fans out there, how can they not appreciate such a relic, a legacy machine, an OG console? With old-school gaming never really going out of style, offering them the chance to relive the good ol’ days with this forever-favorite console won’t go unrewarded. It is Valentine’s day after all.

Link here

2. Hand massager

thingy 1

Every gamer out there knows the risk of hammering the controller for too long. And a hand cramp can occur at the most inopportune time quite possibly making it a character life or death moment. As a gift on its own or a piece of a Cupid-approved gift package, this is a gift they didn’t know they wanted.

Link here

1. A new multiplayer game

multiplayer 1
Image courtesy of Blurbgeek

Why not join in on the action? Games like Mario (any of them), Donkey Kong, Portal, and Unravel are just a few examples of fun games you can both play together. You’ll be able to spend more time doing something important with the gamer in your life, and it can be an entertaining way to strengthen the bond you already have. Plus, what’s a little friendly competition going to hurt? 

Well, I hope this list sparks a few ideas with the special day coming up. Good luck on your quest to finding the perfect gift for the one you love most.

Oh and hey, for when you have to set the mood, check out the link above.

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