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Here are all the Upper Division Teams for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021

With the bygone announcement for the DPC 2021, everything is in place for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit Season 1, which began on January 18, 2021. After an almost two-week bloodbath across all six regions, teams have sealed a part of their fates for the first season of the DPC 2021.

Image Courtesy of Perfect World

Each region has eight teams competing against each other, vying for a spot at the first Major to be held at the end of the Season 1 in March. Each region had four teams directly invited to the Upper Division by Valve in accordance with their recent performances. The rest of the four slots per region were filled by the top teams in each region’s closed qualifiers.

We have compiled a handy region-wise list of all teams that have qualified for the Upper Division mentioning whether they were directly invited or have qualified for the Upper Division through the closed qualifiers.


Team LiquidDirect Invite
OGDirect Invite
Team SecretDirect Invite
NigmaDirect Invite
Vikin.ggClosed Qualifier
AllianceClosed Qualifier
mudgolemsClosed Qualifier
Chicken FightersClosed Qualifier


PSG.LGDDirect Invite
EHOMEDirect Invite
Vici GamingDirect Invite
ElephantDirect Invite
Team AsterClosed Qualifier
Team MagMaClosed Qualifier
LBZSClosed Qualifier
Invictus GamingClosed Qualifier

Southeast Asia

TNC PredatorDirect Invite
FnaticDirect Invite
T1Direct Invite
BOOM EsportsDirect Invite
Neon EsportsClosed Qualifier
496 GamingClosed Qualifier
ExecrationClosed Qualifier
Vice EsportsClosed Qualifier


Virtus.proDirect Invite
Natus VincereDirect Invite
Team SpiritDirect Invite
Live to WinDirect Invite
Team EmpireClosed Qualifier
NoTechiesClosed Qualifier
EXTREMUMClosed Qualifier
NoPangolierClosed Qualifier

North America

Quincy CrewDirect Invite
Evil GeniusesDirect Invite
4 ZoomersDirect Invite
SadboysDirect Invite
UndyingClosed Qualifier
Black N YellowClosed Qualifier
A-Team (formerly Aristotle)Closed Qualifier
5ManMidasClosed Qualifier

South America

SG e-sportsDirect Invite
Thunder PredatorDirect Invite
InfamousDirect Invite
beastcoastDirect Invite
Omega GamingClosed Qualifier
Team UnknownClosed Qualifier
EgoBoysClosed Qualifier
Latam DefendersClosed Qualifier

You can watch the English streams for all the regional matches on the following links:


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