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Updates on New Pokemon Snap from Today’s Pokemon Direct

Today’s Pokemon Direct may have been surprisingly short, but it was still enough to assure Pokemon fans they’ll have a busy year ahead. The very first gaming benchmark for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary will be the previously announced New Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon Snap
Image Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo fans received more details on what this revamp of a N64 classic will look like. Similar to the original game, there will be a professor you will report back to and show your pictures, and who will give your pictures a score. A new addition to the game, something very different to what was technologically possible in 1999, players can share pictures over the internet, as well as deck them out with frames and stickers, to make them extra fun.

The trailer hinted that there will be some kind of gallery where other players from around the world can see your pictures, and if a picture garners enough attention, the powers that be at Pokemon itself will feature it.

The game takes place in the Lental region, which offers a ton of different settings for you to explore – including coastlines, deserts, jungles, and under the sea. 

The trailer also highlighted the number of different ways players can interact with their surroundings to coax the best pictures possible out of all these wild Pokemon. There’s the Fluffruit, which is the apple-looking thing featured in previous trailers that you can toss towards Pokemon. You can also play melodies, and toss an “Illumina Orb” to make the Pokemon glow. Which is especially dramatic during nighttime shoots.

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Image Courtesy of the Pokemon Company

Additionally, we also received a hint (read: were straight-up told) that at least one mythical Pokemon – Celebi – could make its camera debut. But, as always, the best part of the trailer was the pure joy of watching Alolan Raichu surf on its tail.

New Pokemon Snap will be released for the Nintendo Switch on April 30.

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